John 8:12 "I am the light of the world."

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017

I Have An Appointment With You, My Jesus

I have an appointment with you , my Jesus.
It will be this evening and I hope to be
prepared for you, my Lord.
I hope my dishes will be done,
and my house picked up.
I will pray to you when the
house is settled and peaceful.
I will bring myself to you, my Lord
and join my cross with yours.
I ask for you to Bless me and
receive me just the way that I am.

I have an appointment with you, my Jesus.
It will be in the morning, and I will kiss
you on the cross or  (my thumb).
My prayer to you will be short and
simple. I will have to straighten up
my house, get my children out the door,
and myself to my work place.
I ask for you to Bless me, my children,
and my husband. Please receive me
just the way that I am.

I have an appointment with you , my Jesus.
I will meet you during my lunch break. I will
quietly pray to you , in making my sign of cross.
My prayer will be rather short , however
I ask you to receive it with my heart
joined with yours. Please Bless me,
Oh Lord !

I have an appointment with you , Oh Lord.
The traffic is at a stand still,
and I am praying to you, My God.
I know you will see me and hear
my voice.  Allow me to focus on you
dear Jesus. I join my cross with yours.

I have an appointment with you, my Jesus.
It's late afternoon and I will try
to pray the Divine Mercy Prayer
for you to receive.
I will offer my prayers up to you
my Holy God.
I thank you and adore you.
I join my cross with your cross
My Jesus.

I  have an appointment with you, Oh Lord.
I am fixing supper and the house is busy.
I listen to my CD of Christian music,
and allow the words in song
to flow throughout the home.
Please Bless my family.
We come to you just as we are.
We join our cross with yours , Our Jesus. Amen

Dear One's, May you go to embraceholycross.com  and click stories , go to
the link called " My View from the Sky"  Have a Blessed EASTER !

NOTE; May you have a CD christian music in your vehicle or connected 
to your cell phone.  Allow your children to listen to the Words of Jesus !

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sovereign Grace Music, Ashes Remain, and More

(Dear One's, May We Unite ALL Our Sufferings and Our Joys to Jesus, Our Lord.)
May We Ask Our Lord To Bless ALL Who Are Embracing His Cross.  God Bless Always.

1) He Who Is Mighty , by Sovereign Grace
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Shepherd Me Oh God / 1-2019

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6) Behold Our God

7) All I Have Is Christ

8) In Remembrance of Me

9) The Body Of Christ

10) Communion Song

11) Take And Eat

12) I Am The Bread of Life

13) You Satisfy The Hungry Heart

14) You Raise Me Up , by Josh Groban

15) When I Look At The Blood (The Crucifixion of Jesus)
16) In Too Deep, by Ashes Remain

17) Change My Life, by Ashes Remain

18) Above All, by Fr. Rob Galea

19) The Passion of Christ ( Awesome God)

20) Oh The Deep Deep Love, by Sovereign Grace

21) Blessed Assurance , by S.Grace

22) Lamb of God , by S.Grace

23) Cling to Christ , by S.Grace

24) You Stand Alone , by S. Grace

25) Sooner Count The Stars, by S. Grace

26) He Who Is Mighty (Lyrics) , by S. Grace

27) Spirit of God (acoustic version) by S. Grace

28) Spirit of God (lyrics) by S. Grace

29) Spirit of God (instrumental version) by S. Grace

30) My Life is An Offering , by Sovereign Grace

31) Show Us Christ (lyrics) , by S.Grace

32) In The Valley , by S. Grace

33) Joy In The Morning , by S. Grace

 34) Not In Me , by S. Grace

35) Lamb of God , by Sovereign Grace

36) Blessed Are They ; 10-2018