John 8:12 "I am the light of the world."

Friday, April 27, 2018

Revelation & Psalms God Speaks

Revelation Ch. 21 Verses 22-23
I saw no temple in the city. The Lord,
God the Almighty, is it's temple-he and
the Lamb.  The city had no need of
sun or moon , for the glory of God
gave it light, and its lamp was the
Lamb.  The nations shall walk by
its light; to it the kings of the earth
shall bring their treasures.
During the day its gates shall never
be shut, and there shall be no night.
The treasures and wealth of the
nations shall be brought there.
But nothing profane shall enter it,
nor anyone who is a liar or had
done a detestable act.  Only those
shall enter whose names are
inscribed in the book of the
living kept by the Lamb.

Revelation Ch. 22 Verses 14-16
Happy are they who wash their
robes so as to have free access to
the tree of life and enter the city
through it's gates ! Outside are the
dogs and sorcerers , the fornicators
and murderers, the idol-worshipers
and all who love falsehood.
"It is I , Jesus who have sent
my angel to give you this 
testimony about the churches.
I am the Root and Offspring 
of David, the Morning Star 
shining bright."; Our Lord
was speaking to one of
the twelve disciples
St. John whom wrote
the book of Revelation.


Gods mark of deliverance is
obedience to his law,  it is
a sign upon the hand and on the
forehead.  The Pharisees in Jesus'
day took this completely literal.
They tied portions of the law
around their head and on their
hands.  So that they would
have that actual sign , but
Jesus rebuked them for
relying upon the external
requirements and not allowing
the real meaning to occur.
Matthew Ch: 23 Verses 27-28;
"Woe to you , scribes and
Pharisees, hypocrites !  For 
you are like white washed
tombs which indeed appear
beautiful outwardly , but
inside are full of deadman's
bones and all uncleanness.
Even so you outwardly
appear righteous to men,
but inside you are full of
hypocrisy and lawlessness.

Psalms Ch 1 Verses 1-6
Happy the man who follows
not the counsel of the wicked
nor walks in the way of
sinners, nor sits in the
company of the insolent :
meaning showing a rude
and arrogant lack of
But delights in the law
of the Lord and
meditates on his law
day and night.
He is like a tree
planted near running water.
That yields its fruit in due
season, and whose leaves
never fade.
(Whatever he does prospers.)
Not so the wicked , not so;
they are like chaff ; meaning
a husk of corn; which the
wind drives away.
Therefore in judgement
the wicked shall not stand,
nor shall sinners, in the
assembly of the just.
For the Lord watches over
the way of the just,
but the way of the wicked

An Inserted Chip? / 4-25-2018

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

An inserted Chip ? VIDEO'S beneath message

Jan. 13, 2014 , I had written in my journal that
I had watched a man on a T.V. program
 presenting a chip that is to be
inserted underneath the skin. The chip he invented
was surgically inserted behind the ear.
Over a period of time you would have to
have the chip re-inserted.
This young man had no emotion
while he presented the chip.
He seemed very empty inside.
The thing is , it's people like him
that will deceive many and they will
follow his path to damnation.
It reminded me of a given dream
I had in the  summer of 2013
This is what I had written
in my journal.
Here is my dream:
I was in a store and I was trying
to use my debit card to buy some
items. My debit card wasn't working
and no longer in use.
I knew there was money on the 
card . I was speaking to the
man behind the counter whom
was at the cash register . 
I could see in his eyes that
they were empty , cold, and
no personality.
He never explained to me why 
my debit card would not 
work.  He only shook his
head at me.
I then turned to another
store clerk , whom seemed
to be confused and didn't
know what was happening.
end of dream
I wrote in my journal that maybe
I was in a cashless society, and
even a debit card would not
work. in order to buy. It would
have to be a chip placed
 underneath your
skin to be scanned in order
to purchase.  It was an
uncomfortable dream
and scary.

April 25, 2018 , I had seen a clipping
on  T.V. 
they are implanting chips underneath
peoples skin at their own will. 

Revelation Ch. 13 verses 15-18
The second wild beast was then
permitted to give life to the
beast's image, so that the
image had the power of speech
and of putting to death anyone
who refused to worship it.
It forced all men, small and
great, rich and poor, slave and
free, to accept a stamped image\
on their right hand or their forehead.\
Moreover, it did not allow a man to buy
or sell anything.  Unless he was first
marked with the name of the
beast or with the number that
stood for its name.
A certain wisdom is needed here;
with a little ingenuity anyone can
calculate the number of the
beast, for it is a number that
stands for a certain man.
The man's number is
six hundred sixty-six. 
666 means anti-christ.

Dear One's allowing a chip
of any kind is not a good
idea. This type of
behavior and invention
is extremely AGAINST
GOD no matter what.
The introduction of the
device or chip will seem
to be harmless, and
I can only tell you
Is this a warning from
Revelation Ch. 13 ?

note: No one knows when
and exactly how Rev. Ch. 13
will take place , however 
one may ask themselves
is having a chip inserted
in your body the beginning
of Satan's Agenda ?
The beginning of
Satan's Seed ?
This information is not
to place anyone in fear
only to be alert and 
aware of what is happening
around us and in our 

People are getting microchips implanted
underneath their skin / 4-25-2018

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People are getting microchips implanted under their skin

Jesus Blood never failed me yet , by Audrey Assad

Jesu, Dulcis Memoria , Tenth Avenue North Album with Audrey Assad

I Will Meet You

It's evening and I have prepared supper
for my family.
My children are doing their
homework and my husband
is resting from a long day
at work.

What about me ?
I will meet you ' Says the Lord !

The time is getting closer for
the evening church service to begin.

I look at the clock
and decide to go !
I announce good-bye to
my family as I head out
the door !

Oh Lord !  I have so much
to do at home !  I have
dishes that need washed
and laundry that needs
folded !

I will meet you ' Says the Lord !

I am trusting in my Lord
that everything will be

I managed to arrive to church
a few minutes early.

I quietly find an empty pew
and kneel before my Lord.

I can feel a wave of peace 
flowing among me.

I will meet you ' Says the Lord !

I see the altar all alone .
I decide to go forward
in this quite setting.

I gently kneel before my Lord
and ask him to bless me
and my family.

I bend my head facing downward
and I can feel my Lord's presence
all around me.

I am with you ' Says the Lord !

My inner most thoughts are placed
upon Jesus and he receives them
right where I am.

I will draw you near me 'Says the
Lord !

I can hear people beginning to
arrive in the church.

I quietly say thank you my Lord !
Thank you for blessing me
at your altar.

I gently make the sign of the cross
and kiss my thumb.

You are precious to me my child !
Thank you for meeting me in
my place of holiness.

Take me with you everywhere
you go and remember to 
meet with me again !

Dear One's please know Our Lord
is with you at all times. He will
bless you right where you are !
If you are able to go into a 
church and simply sit
quietly in a pew, it is our
Lord who will meet with
you . You will receive special
graces and blessings from
Our Lord.
God Bless you my dear,
I will pray for all who
are Embracing the 
Cross of Jesus .

note: If you are prompt to go
in front of an altar and simply
pray then do so , however Jesus
will meet you while you are
sitting quietly in your pew !
You will be Blessed by our
Lord . 
If you can take a friend or
your family that would be
wonderful !

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Choosing The Better Part / You will love his Heartfelt story at the end / 48 mins.

Message on John Ch. 6

Dear One's , I have added a message toward the bottom of
John Ch. 6 post. Explaining more about the Holy Eucharist,
Blessings of Our Lord be among you, Lori

John Ch. 6 The Holy Eucharist / 4-18-2018

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What Does it Mean to "Offer Up My Suffering ?



Is Jesus a Feeling ?

An Easter Letter ( a message given through the eyes of Blessed Mary

See My Son

Giving to Others the needs of God (you will find "a spiritually communion prayer below
the story)

John Ch. 6 ( Holy Eucharist)  12-16-2016

The Soft Words of Blessed Mary ; 4-25-2016

Full of Grace Trailer ; 1-17-2017

Full of Grace Movie Review ; 1-11-2017

What does it mean to offer up my suffering ? 4-18-2018

The Last Supper (12 mins.) beautiful video explaining the Holy Eucharist ; 4-23-2018

Holy Orders a Sacrament for becoming a Priest ; 4-23-2018
The Rite of Ordination ; 4-23-2018
Priesthood Ordination Highlights ; 4-23-2018


Bishop Barron Comments on Eucharistic Adoration (6 mins.)

Bishop Barron on the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist (11 mins.)

Bishop Barron on the Sacrament of the Eucharist as Meal (6 mins.)

The Eucharist from Adoration to Action a Catholic Reflection ( 2 mins.)

What is the Point of Eucharistic Adoration ? (4 mins.)

The Sacrament of The Eucharist as Sacrifice (11 mins)

The Eucharist Sacrifice and Banquet (12 mins.) by Scott Hahn

Eucharistic Adoration Song 4-18-2018 ++++++

Eucharistic Adoration Music Video "In Your Presence"+++++

How Beautiful Song / 5-14-17++++++

Video's  of the Sacraments / Communion Songs / The Church Fathers/

Bishop Barron / Marcus Grodi / 2-2017 / and Scott Hahn

The Holy Eucharist is a Sacred Banquet
We are drawn in Union and made One in Christ
Christ changes us into his Mystical Body
He draws us near him each time we Receive Him
in his host of communion.
He touches us each time we kneel before him in the tabernacle
We receive special graces given to Us 
The Holy Eucharist is a mystery in God
The Holy Eucharist clothes Us in Christ Body and His blood
The Holy Eucharist is a Mystery of Christ Divinity
The Holy Eucharist Reminds Us , Forms Us, Teaches Us
The Holy Eucharist Purifies Our Mind, Heart, and Soul
The Holy Eucharist gives Us Strength with Christ Himself
We Receive Christ Fruits and Graces for Christ Body
and His Blood is fulfillment of Our Souls
The Holy Eucharist is a Spiritual food  and life of God's Grace
an ever lasting change
Christ presence is independent of our mind 
it is not a symbol for in John Ch. 6 Christ
said " I Am The Bread Of Life"
" God's bread comes down from Heaven
and gives life to the world."
Christ said " Do This In Remembrance of Me"

CHOOSING THE BETTER PART ( heartfelt story at the end ) 4-19-2018

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

St. Stephen The First Martyr of the Church

Acts Ch 7 Verses 49 -53
"The heavens are my throne,
the earth is my footstool;
What kind of house can you build me?
What is my resting-place to be like ?
Did not my hand make all these things?
says the Lord !
Stephen was announcing to the people,
"You stiff-necked people,
uncircumcised in heart and ears, you are
always opposing the Holy spirit just as your
fathers did before you. Was there ever
any prophet whom your fathers did not
persecute?  In their day , they put to death
those who foretold the coming of the Just
One; now you in your turn have become
his betrayers and murderers.
You who received the law through the 
ministry of angels have not
observed it."

Acts Ch 7 Verses 54-60
Stephen's Martyrdom: Those who listened
to his words were stung to the heart ; they
ground their teeth in anger at him. Stephen
meanwhile, filled with the Holy Spirit,
looked to the sky above and saw the glory
of God, and Jesus standing at God's right
hand. "Look !" he exclaimed. "I see an
opening in the sky, and the son of Man
standing at God's right hand." The
onlookers were shouting aloud, holding their
hands over their ears as they did so. Then
they rushed at him as one man, dragged
him out of the city, and began to stone him.
The witnesses meanwhile were piling their
cloaks at the feet of a young man named
Saul.  As Stephen was being stoned he
could be heard praying, "Lord Jesus, 
receive my spirit." He fell to his knees
and cried out in a loud voice, "Lord, 
do not hold this sin against them."
and with that he died.

Acts Ch 8 Verses 1-3
The Church Persecuted Saul  for his part,
concurred in the act of killing. That day
saw the beginning of a great persecution
of the church in Jerusalem.  All except the
apostles scattered throughout the country side
of Judea and Samaria  Devout men buried
Stephen, bewailing him loudly as they did
so,  After that , Saul began to harass the
church. he entered house after house,
dragged men and women out, and threw
them into jail.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Sophie's Choice / Holocaust survivors

Sophies's Choice / Movie Trailer ( 4 mins.) 4-16-18

Sophie's Choice / Experts Answers / 4-16-2018

Holocaust Survivors Remember Kristalinacht ( 21 mins.)/ 4-16-18

The Heavens are Weeping / 5-17-17

Sophie's Choice / Experts answers / My Message

In the movie clip on Sophie's Choice / posted 4-16-2018
Sophie Chooses her son.
Experts answers this scene in the movie clip
The basis of the question goes to the heart of the
choice Sophie has to make.
There is little , if any rational
justification behind why she chooses
what she chooses.
this is  probably the terrifying aspect
behind both her choice and the Holocaust
in general.  The absence of rationally
and predictability is the true terror
of the Holocaust , millions of people
were "chosen" to die, like Sophie's daughter.
There was little in the way of rational
justification behind that.   There was nothing
they did, nothing that was warranted behind
this.  the evil that was brought about through
irrationality was what was so terrifying
behind the  Holocaust. At the same time, the
survivors of the ordeal had little to go on in
terms of why they lived.  What was the
differentiation between them and the
person next to them who was sentenced
to die at the hands of an SS officer or
in the gas chamber ?  What did one
person do to live while the other dies?
The randomness of this, the  arbitrary nature
 which ended up governing the laws of life
and death during the Holocaust are played
out in "Sophie's choosing of her son to live
and daughter to die.
The painful agonizing , and yet random nature
of this choice, where a mother must say
"Take my little girl." to the SS officer  who is
trying to pry both children away is the sum
total of both Sophie's experience and
metaphorically speaking the reality
of so many who lived  through the
Holocaust.  It is the point where Sopie's
narrative resonates quite lucidly ; meaning
Sophie understood what she was saying.

In the real story behind the movie of
"Sophie's Choice" This movie has 
become an idiom for unbearable
choices . A woman named Franciszka's pigsty
 faces an impossible situation. 
 Her baby cries
and has alerted the enemy below.
A German soldier climbs up 
the steps to the loft and whispers
to her, "Do you want to go with
your baby?" She has only a minute to 
make a decision that no one could make
in a lifetime.

Dear One's , in the Movie clip, the officer made
an offer to Sophie in demanding her to
choose which child to hand over to him.
In abortion we are making a choice to hand
over our unborn child.

In the movie , Sophie could have said
"You will have to kill me first."
In abortion the unborn child is
treated of a lesser value and unimportant. 

Also in the Movie Sophie yelled out
to the German Nazi Soldier "I am Catholic !"
She wanted to stand out among the
crowd in thinking she might be saved.
She wanted to show the Soldier
that she was not one of them ; a Jew.
Because people are different and some
  hold higher
up places , have become successful,
and stand out among the people,
ect..... can allow people to become
 mentally and
 socially disconnected from those in
their own surroundings.
Furthermore, when we believe we are
better than others ,we develop
little compassion with no empathy
 given towards another.

We become so absorbed in ourselves
own well being  and we give no
attention to those people who are
Because we want to place ourselves among a
group that is accepted in our countries, cities,
work places  and  our schools .We seek out to find
 acceptance , even if it harms
another person.
Sophie wasn't any different from the
other woman and children whom she
was marching with in the mix of the
The only difference was she was a
Christian and they were a Jew.
The law pointed out the Jewish
people as lower class citizens and
dehumanized them to their death.
The law points out the unborn
child isn't born yet , therefore
it is classified as not murder. The 
unborn child means very
little to the world and is
On the contrary, if a woman has
a child in her womb and is murdered
the murderer is accountable for TWO

Sophie was expressing why she shouldn't have
to die  and be taken
away and of course she was trying to save her
Abortion is expressing the mother's well being
is at best , therefore the unborn child  should be
separated from her . The attention is being
focused on the Mother and the results
is death for the unborn baby.

Sophie's Choice / movie trailer ( 4 mins.)

Holocaust Survivors Remember Kristalinacht (21 mins.)

Friday, April 13, 2018

Three Dreams I hold Dear to My Heart , God Bless YOU

Zachary's Story / Toddler Entering into Heave / posted 4-12-2018
The Proud Man at the Tree / 4-9-2018
Souls Entering into Heaven / 4-9-2018

My Given Dreams , by Lori Foster / 9-28-2017

Dear One's may you go to 
Days of the Week Music / 7-11-17 / there is a link underneath "My Favorites" when you use web version on your device.
Days of the Week Music is where I place new post and it will help you to be reminded of
doing the Embrace The Cross prayer method. It will also remind you of the
Army of prayer & Rosary times as well. 

Hearts On Fire , by Ed Sheeran and Passenger

Hearts of Fire (lyrics)

Let Her Go (lyrics) by Passenger

Let Her Go , by Passenger

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Zachary's Story / Toddler entering into Heaven

Dear One's , Here is a story about a little boy named Zachary.
He was born on September 9, 1997. Zachary was my cousin's
third child and he brought the  gift of our Lord's light into their home.

Zachary was born with a heart condition and through multiple surgeries
and visits to the hospital he remained a strong little guy.
He had big blue eyes and blonde curly hair. There was a shyness
about him that made you love him that much more.  He was very
attached to his parents and his older brother and sister.
His smile was simply beautiful !

I would like to share with you some of my writings taken from my journal
about Zachary.  Zachary's mom is a cousin of mine and we spent many
days together , throughout our childhood. Both our families would go
to Mass together and Sunday School.

Here are my writings taken from my Journal:

January 4, 2000 , My children went off to school this morning. I received a phone
call at 8:00 a.m. from my aunt whom babysat for Zachary. Zachary's
mom worked as a beautician and my aunt would help take care of little Zachary. It
allowed him to be around other children in a different setting outside of his home.
My Aunt was with Zachary throughout his trials and difficulties. She helped Zachary's
parents the best she could. My Aunt is one of my Moms sisters and is also ,Zachary's grandpa's
sister. Zachary's mom grew up next to my aunt's family. Their houses were next to one another
out in the country.
Now I must tell you about that morning phone call I received from my aunt. I could tell
in her voice she was very sad. She told me that Zachary died this morning at 7:00 a.m.
I told her I would tell my family and I began to cry as she did as well. We said our
good-byes. It was only the  night before , that I  had spoken to Zachary's mom .She said that Zachary was rushed to the hospital, for he was a blue color and gasping for air.
They sent him home with an oxygen machine.
I know that my cousin and her husband placed their own trust
in God and asked for his will be done for Zachary. .
After my Aunt called me about Zachary's death I cried so hard.  I called my mom and told
her about Zachary's passing. I also told my mom about a given dream I was most honored 
to receive.

May 1997 , Written in my journal four months before Zachary's birth.
This dream was a very painful and intense dream 
This dream is held in Zachary's honor !

I remember calling my parents on the phone and crying extremely painfully. 
I remember yelling out "Do you see her !" Do you see the Blessed Mary !" 
I could see a large  Image of Blessed Mary up in the sky . Then God showed me
 a vision of heaven.  I can see two little boys walking
along a path.  One boy was about six or seven and the other was about two years old.
The older boy seemed to know where he was going on the path as if he was
greeting the little toddler. The toddler was fair skin and he had blonde curly hair.
I could only see the back side of him. 
The older boy was holding the toddlers hand as if he was guiding him into heaven.
The path was very beautiful and pleasant. There were trees on each side of the
path with extremely beautiful colors. The trees were not like our trees on earth
for they were sparkling with silver and gold !  After seeing the two boys walking
on the path in heaven and seeing the remarkable trees , allowed me to 
feel peaceful .
I was saying good bye to my parents ever so sad and the dream ended

I wrote in my journal ; Dear Lord what did this dream mean? I kept this
dream silent until a week before Zachary died.  I decided to share this dream
with my sister and I remember telling her the toddler in the dream looked like Zachary. 
Note: I also remember at the end of my given dream , I could see altar boys 
and a funeral Mass happening . I could also see myself helping my thirteen
year old daughter, in picking out her dress for the funeral Mass. 

Dear One's , when my parents moved to Albuquerque , New Mexico, I was the one whom
had to call them and tell them of  Zachary's death the same as in my given dream.
I do know that Blessed Mary greeted little Zachary before being lead to Our Divine
Lord with open arms.
Little Zachary lived only two years and four months of his life here on earth,
 and he touched so
many people in such a short time.  He showed God's love and his service in this
world before he entered into heaven.
May our Lord continue to Bless Zachary's parents for they did everything right and
gave Zachary their complete love..  Dear Lord bless Zachary's older brother and
his sister for they gave him love of joy !

These songs are for you dear Zachary , with my love, Lori

I Can Only Imagine (lyrics) /3-16-2018

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What A Beautiful Name / 7-2017
Closer Than You Know / 8-2017
Closer Than You Know (lyrics) 11-2016
My Given Dreams , by Lori Foster / 9-28-2017

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Rooftops by , Jesus Culture

Casting Crowns, Kristene Dimarco, Jesus Culture & Kari Jobe

What A Beautiful Name , by Kari Jobe / 7-2017

Closer to Your Heart , by Kari Jobe / 9-2017

It is Well, by Kristene Dimarco / 4-10-2018

It is Well (lyrics) by Kristene Dimarco / 4-10-2018

Oh My Soul, by Casting Crowns / 4-11-2018

Miracles (lyrics) by Jesus Culture / 3-24-2018

Rooftops , by Jesus Culture / 4-11-2018

At The Cross / 3-2018

Souls Entering into Heaven

Dear One's , Greetings to you ALL. I would like to share a given dream that
I keep close to my heart and I hold with high regard.  God's Blessings to you,
note: I had to make some changes and remove some
information in my dream for privacy concerns.
  ( This dream was given to me shortly after midnight )
I had a given dream that a ' special woman ' whom passed away 
came to me in a dream.  I was looking at her and she was sitting next
to a woman on a bench . There were a few other women in sorrow
sitting on the bench as well .
I didn't know any of them , however I noticed they were  holding on to
the forms or paper of "Embrace the Cross."  Their heads were facing
downward and looking at  "The Embrace the Cross " Image of  Jesus .
I knew they were in great distress but there were no words spoken.
I noticed on my right many souls were going up towards heaven.
I could not see the souls I only knew they were going up to heaven
on the right side of me.
I was asking those who were grieving with the ' special woman'
from heaven,
" Who are all these teenagers and
why so many ? God was telling me "These are souls that has been
taken from Earth.  
I was looking over at the ' special woman' sent from Heaven 
who never left the grieving women. 
Before I departed from them including the ' special woman' from
Heaven, I walked over
and shook her hand gracefully. And with both of our smiles
we departed or rather I left.  Dream ended

The' special woman ' from Heaven hands was of warmth and her face was full of compassion
for all the people near her.
I remember she had on a soft pink sweater for she always was cold
natured and her face was beautiful !
Note:  The 'special woman' was a close and dear relative of mine.+++

The next morning right after my given dream 
a tragic event happened at a movie theater, and was shown 
on the morning news.  It didn't take long to reflect back on my
given dream , I had on the same night many precious souls lost their
lives .

Dear One's , in my given dream I did not see the souls, I only
knew souls was going up to heaven on the right side of me, I 
only knew they were leaving Earth and going up towards
Seeing the 'special woman' sent from heaven , her  compassion for the grieving women
and their loved ones in their suffering, allowed me to 
know she was sent by God.

******Please know in a very respectful way, the women and the
beloved woman from heaven were sitting together on a bench . I often wondered
why they were sitting on a long wooden bench. My Lord revealed
to me that Embrace the Cross began on a  bench. 
My best friend in her pain and sorrow was sitting on a bench
outside of a restaurant with me by her side. On that day 
Embrace the Cross was given to another person in great
need. Although the Lord had given me  the Embrace the Cross
prayer method in Feb. 2008 , the Holy Spirit of Christ prompted
me to allow my friend to join in the prayer method as well.
The 5th of the month was added to the prayer
exercise  and was given on the bench . The 5th  was
the day of the month of her precious beloved son's Birthday.
Furthermore , the 5th of the month reflected on Christ five wounds,
and the five sorrowful mysteries. 
may you go to the provided link below:
How Embrace the Cross Began / May 2 , 2016***********

May we  always pray for the victim souls who were a brother,
sister, husband, wife, child of someone and  pray for
their loved ones whom are in deep sorrow.
Dear Lord, please place your hands upon the sorrowful
shine your face down upon them
lift their pain of sorrows and make them new.
May Peace of God's love be given,
Lori Foster

I Can Only Imagine / lyrics /3-16-2018
I Can Only Imagine > Bart Millard / 3-16-2018
What A Beautiful Name / by Kari Jobe 7-2017
Closer to Your Heart / by Kari Jobe / 9-2017
Broken Vessels / 9-2016
Last Discourse scripture / 4-11-2018

Last Discourse / Scripture

Last Discourse ( Jesus with his twelve Disciples )
John Ch 14 Verses 1-10
"Do not let your hearts be troubled.
Have faith in God
and faith in me.
In my Father's house there are many
dwelling places;
otherwise , how could I have told you
that I was going to prepare
a place for you ?
I am indeed going to prepare
a place for you.
and then I shall come back to
take you with me,
that where I am you also
may be.
"I am the Way , and the Truth
and the Life
no one comes to the Father
but through me. 
Believe me that I am in the
Father and the Father is in 
me. "
Jesus of Nazareth , ( Don't Be Afraid) / 3-2017

Oh My Soul ( lyrics ), by Casting Crowns

Monday, April 9, 2018

Jesus is Everything / by Lifehouse

Mary of Nazareth, The Birth of Jesus

Mary of Nazareth , The Annunciation

Mary of Nazareth The Visitation

The Proud Man at the Tree

On Feb. 12, 1997, I had a given dream
( This dream was given to me on the anniversary
of the Crosses appearing in my home / The crosses
began to appear on Feb. 12, 1994 / May you read the
written Note about the Crosses on
Lori Foster's Story / you will find the Note in a paragraph
the STARS. Thank you , Lori

Here is my dream:
My Mom and Dad was with me and we were
standing in my living room.
I looked at my dining room wall where
my large crucifix hung.
Suddenly , I could see a glowing
Image of Jesus with his arms out stretched.
He had clothing on such as a robe.
Then the wall changed into the Blessed Mary's
Image. I was telling my parents, however
I don't know if they could see the Images
or not .  The outline of Jesus and Mary were
extremely beautiful !
There was gold and a glowing color all
around the outlines and throughout their
clothing . Then I could see my Mom
as a real small child about eight years old
playing outside recess at St. Lawrence
School.  She was skipping and running
with other girls.  Then the vision disappeared
and an Image of a soldier appeared on my
wall. As these images appear it reminded
me of movie slides.  This soldier had a
Navy uniform on .  He was against a tree
with one knee bent down.  He was holding
a plaque and smiling so proudly !
This soldier was my Grandfather whom
was my Mother's Father.
Then he disappeared and I could see my
Mom again playing and standing with two
other small girls.  They were having their
picture taken and the color was black and
white ; such as a black and white photo.
I remember as everything flashed before me
I was telling my parents everything I could
see with great excitement !
end of dream
It was so neat to see my mother
young and innocent playing at her
Catholic School playground and
seeing my grandfather so proud at
the tree !  St. Lawrence, has alot of
 history of my family .
It's where my grandfather went to school
with  his four brothers and three sisters.
My Grandfather and his brothers fought in
World /War II. Many of my relatives were
baptized and married at St. Lawrence.
including my parents.
My husband and I also were marrried
there and some of our children were
baptized and made their first Holy
Communion there.
Lori Foster's Story / 12-13-2017

Give Us Your Spirit / 4-2018
My Letter to you My God / 4-2018

Give Us Your Spirit / prayer on My Favorites #2

My Dear Jesus , My Lord ,
Send forth your Spirit among us all.
In our pain let us see your light.
In our loneliness may we see
your face of kindness.
Where is your Spirit ?
Allow us to not be afraid to
show your goodness !
Your heavenly strength is
among us and always
will be .
May we constantly invite
your Spirit into our own
and make us whole again !
May we gain your wisdom,
your patience, and your
knowledge.  May we not
be afraid of the truth.
May we know you are with
us when there is no comfort,
no warmth, and no true joy.
Place  your hands among us
so we can go forth peacefully !
May our hearts so true , burn in
flames to be with yours.
Grant our World true love
of yours and your true
kindness !
May we receive the 
Divinity of your words of
Help build us all into yourself
with all that we have to offer.
In your precious name Oh Lord !

This prayer to the Holy Spirit was written on
March 18, 2014 in my journal.
May we pray for all whom are
embracing the Cross of Jesus !
Lori Foster

Today is The Feast of the Annunciation

The Feast of the Annunciation - when the 25th of March falls within
Holy Week or Easter week, the Annunciation is moved
to the Monday after the Octave of Easter ; meaning the monday
after the second Sunday of  Easter !

Annunciation ; meaning When the Angel
Gabriel greeted Blessed Mary / Luke ch 1 Verses 28-31 / And coming in
he said to her, "Greetings , favored one! The Lord is with you."
" And behold , you will conceive in your womb and bear a son,
and you shall name him Jesus."

The Visitation ; meaning Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth . Elizabeth is
carrying John in her womb (John the Baptist) whom is Jesus cousin / Luke Ch. 1 
Verses 41-41 / When Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting , the baby leaped in
her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. and she cried
out with a loud voice and said, " Blessed are you among women ,
and blessed is the fruit of your womb !"

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The Annunciation / 3-1-2017
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Mary of Nazareth The Annunciation / 4-9-18
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Magnificat Mary's song / 8-2016
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The Hail Mary Prayer / 8-2016
Message about Nightlights / 8-2016 / May we turn
our night lights on !
Blessed Mary , Mother of God , we love you
pray for us ! 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

My Letter to You My God / prayer on My Favorites #2

I prayed the Divine Mercy Prayer at 3:00 hour ; when you died
on the cross O' Lord.  I placed your cross in my hands and
 softly kissed your pierced hands on one side of the cross onto the other.
As each time the hammer pounded into your beautiful hands ,
you endured my pain , my sorrow ; you took it all !
I go to you as small as I am with my ever so pain , and
placed it all in your palms as you responded to me
physically, spiritually, in saying Yes !   Each time
the nails kept going in deeper and deeper ; you took it all in !
I thank you my Jesus with my constant given kiss onto your
wounds ; your shattered hands.  Each thorn that was in place
on your precious head was for me ; my sorrow ; my pain ;
my sins. The piercing of your feet that carried you gracefully
and strongly across our lands ; to show and speak your
divine words and divine actions are set in place so solid
on the Cross .
I hold your feet of so much pain and blood and kiss
them ever so gently ; looking up at you is an
awesome sight ; even in all your agony and blood
you are beautiful !  I see your pierced side of water of purity
and blood poured out in forgiving of the worlds sins, my sins.
I kiss your side and I ask you in the midst of your pain of
holiness  to pour your softness of
love , purity, and show me kindness, patience, and 
your mercy. In your Cross I am given strength
and comfort of yours. 
I Love you my God,
with all my heart 
and soul.
written in my journal on New Years Eve 2013
May Jesus grant you his Peace of his Love,
Lori Foster

Jesus is Everything / by lifehouse / 4-9-2018

Appearance to the Disciples

John Ch. 20 Verses 19-31 (After Jesus Resurrection)
On the evening of that first day of the week, even
though the disciples had locked the doors of the
place where they were for fear of the Jews, Jesus
came and stood before them.  "Peace be with you, "
he said.  When he had said this, he showed them
his hands and his side.  At the sight of the Lord the
disciples rejoiced. "Peace be with you,"
he said again.
"As the Father has sent me, so I send you."
Then he breathed on them and said:
"Receive the Holy Spirit.
If you forgive men's sins,
They are forgiven them;
if you hold them bound,
they are held bound."

Thomas.  It happened that one of the
Twelve , Thomas ( the name means "Twin")
was absent when Jesus came. The other disciples
kept telling him: "We have seen the Lord!"
His answer was, "I will never believe it without
putting my finger in the nail marks and my hand
into his side."
A week later, the disciples were once more
in the room, and this time Thomas was with
them.  Despite the locked doors, Jesus
came and stood before them "Peace be
with you," he said; then, to Thomas;
"Take your finger and examine my hands.
Put your hand into my side. Do not persist\
in your unbelief, but believe !"  Thomas said
in response, "My Lord and my God !"
Jesus then said to him;
"You became a believer because you
saw me.
Blest are they who have not seen
and believe."

Conclusion . Jesus performed many other
signs as well-- signs not recorded here--
in the presence of his disciples.  But\
these have been recorded to help you believe
that Jesus is the Messiah. the Son of God,
so that through this faith you may have
life in his name. 

Jesus of Nazareth (Don't Be Afraid) 3-2-2017
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Litany of the Precious Blood / 8-25-2016

Saturday, April 7, 2018


Dear One's ,  The Sunday after Easter is "The Divine Mercy Sunday ! "
The service begins at 3:00 p.m. when Christ Died on the Cross.
Try your best to attend a Church Service in your area.  If you cannot
attend a service , simply pray the Divine Mercy prayer at the 3:00 hour.
Many graces will be given to you.

Army of Prayer & Rosary / 9-2016 You will find the "Divine Mercy Prayer" 
on this link.

Divine Mercy Chaplet Video's is on "My Favorites." on #3, #4, and #5.
note: you will find the numbers as you scroll down.

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I Have an Appointment with you my Jesus / 3-2017 / story

Message about Nightlights / 8-2016 

May we turn our Nightlights on !
May Jesus Bless YOU !
May Jesus Bless OUR WORLD !