John 8:12 "I am the light of the world."

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Soft Words of Blessed Mary(Full of Grace Trailer video)

(A message I believe she is telling the world)

My Son's heart beat is ONE with mine , and His Blood was in MY blood.
My Son nursed at my breast, and his tiny hands held onto mine.
When He stumbled, I helped him stand up!
His eyes brightly shined into mine.

Oh Dear Ones,
Your unborn baby's heart beats TOGETHER as ONE!
Your baby's blood is in your blood.
His tiny hands you will hold onto.
When He falls, you will help pick Him up.

Our Lord’s hands are our hands.
His flesh and blood is our flesh and blood.
His joy is our joy!
His suffering is our suffering.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

World Keeps Passing Me By

Dear World,

I can see your Clinics of abortion at every corner of the world. God made our world of all His
light and divinity. How dare you place these evil buildings in His precious world. He created the
world of all His great beauty. These abortion buildings are slaughterhouses for the unwanted

I was once in your world, and my people ended up in many buildings as well. These buildings
were for the unwanted as well, and they were called concentration camps. These camps overflowed with bodies of neglect, bodies abandoned by our world.

I remember standing outside my camp, forced to crowd with others. I was looking through a tall barbed wire fence, and a large truck passed me by. I could see the truck was filled with many young girls, not knowing where they were heading to. I looked beyond in the distance at the large building they called "The Gas Chamber." Oh! How my heart fell to the ground and tears flowed down my face. They were the same as I was, and like me, they were not wanted.

My First Pair of Shoes

Dear Daughter of mine,

I see you have made your decision of your own, of what you are getting ready to do. I see the nearby clinic is well planned and ready for you and your unborn baby. You are sure of yourself, and you seek help from others who care about you. I see you walk through the door, and the office staff is ready for you, and your unborn baby. You have someone with you for support, and that is good, however, could it be misguided compassion? I see you walk down the hallway, into the room provided for you and your unborn child. The doctor comes in with his nurses, ready at hand to assist him. I see what is taking place, and they provide you with comfort. I stand near your physician who routinely grabs his tools in place. He inserts what is needed to do the job, and completes the task.

I stand near the nurse who places the cut up body parts, and places the unborn baby in a plastic bag.