John 8:12 "I am the light of the world."

Friday, November 18, 2016

My Favorite's Post

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*Embrace the Cross; the original or longer prayer method IS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE embraceholycross.com website. ( When you make the sign of Cross five times as stated, reflect on the five sorrowful mysteries ; then place your kiss. Next, Pray the "Divine Mercy Prayer" then the
"Prayer to the Heavenly Court". Lastly pray the "Additional Prayer" as stated. ) end the prayer
method in saying; ( I join my cross to your cross)

*The Short Way Embrace the Cross; (While you make the 5 crosses (slowly) on your forehead, say the 5 wounds of Christ ; After you pray the two short prayers 3 times, end by saying (I join my cross to your cross)

*The Quilted Rosary(Embrace the Cross can be given to those in need at our schools ,after school ends or during lunch break. May you have Embrace the Cross on a note pad ect... in the staff break room or office) Please read the Quilted Rosary, and see some of the places where Embrace the Cross can be given.

Army of Prayer and Rosary ; posted Sept.27, 2016

My Given Vision ( Jesus Dying On The Cross) ; posted Jan. 19, 2017

Video's of The Sacraments / Communion Songs ; posted Feb.2, 2017
Video's of Jesus of Nazareth,The Passion of Christ, and More ; posted Jan. 11, 2017
Sovereign Grace Music, Ashes Remain,  and More ; posted Mar. 15, 2017

Anniversary of EMBRACE THE CROSS ; posted Feb. 5 2017
Anniversary of ARMY OF PRAYER AND ROSARY ; posted Feb. 23, 2017

NOTE; Remember every Sunday Mass we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!

using your right hand (touch forehead in saying; in the name of the father
with same right hand ( touch your chest in saying: son
then go to your left shoulder saying:holy
then go to your right shoulder saying: spirit, amen

THE HOLY EUCHARIST JOHN CH. 6 ; posted Jan. 19, 2017



Spiritual Communion
St. Alphonsus Spiritual Communion
Inspirational Prayer

POWERFUL SONGS OF JESUS ; posted Jan. 26, 2017

Thrive by Casting Crowns 
Follow Me
Dear One's  I believe These songs
would be a message given to the
world by Jesus Disciples !!

Christ alone is Our Hope !
Immanuel means:  God is with Us


ONE STILL NIGHT (Song) The Angel's Sang !!
HILLSONG MUSIC , Casting Crowns, Ashes Remain, and More

1)How Embrace the Cross began; posted May 2

2)Soldier of The Army of God, The Rosary ; posted Aug 18
    Many links provided of the Hillsong video's and the rest
     of the music video's. Also links provided at the bottom
      of post.

3)Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song; posted Sept. 15
    Jesus You Are Mercy Song, by Donna Cori Gibson (Jesus I Trust In You)
    Bible Verses About Mercy ; posted Jan. 18, 2017

    Divine Mercy Chaplet by Fr. Rob Galea ; posted Feb. 22, 2017

4)Divine Mercy Chaplet Video ; posted July 16

5)Chaplet of Divine Mercy Sung by Donna Cori Gibson with nuns; posted Aug. 8

6)The Holy Rosary The Glorious Mysteries; posted Sept. 15  (Wed, & Sun.)
    The Holy Rosary The Luminous Mysteries: posted Sept. 15 (Thurs.)
     The Holy Rosary The Sorrowful Mysteries: posted Sept. 15 (Tues. & Fri.)
      The Holy Rosary The Joyful Mysteries: posted Sept. 15 ( Mon.& Sat.)

7)I Am Because We Are ; posted Aug 29

8)Army of Prayer and Rosary; posted Sept. 27

9)Embraceholycross.com Message: posted Aug. 26

10)The Woman and the Dragon; posted Aug. 15
      The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary posted Dec 8
       Immaculate Mary, Video
       The Soft Words of Blessed Mary (video beneath story)
        Full of Grace Trailer ; posted Jan. 17, 2017
       Full of Grace Movie Review ; posted Jan. 11 2017

11)Keep Building the "Army of God" ; posted Dec. 8 at the bottom of post
     Faith and Good Works  James Ch 2 Verses 14-26
      Hebrews Ch 3 and 4 Harden Not Your Hearts ; posted Jan. 12 2017
      You Are A Priest Forever ; posted Sept. 26

12)The boy in the Striped Pajama's ;posted Oct.25
      The Giver ; posted Oct. 31

13)Pro Life Commercials to View and Stories; posted Aug 17
     Roe Verses Wade Jan. 22, 1973 ; posted Jan 19 2017
     Woman's Rights and The Rainbow ;posted Jan 22 2017

14) Turn to the Lord in your need and you will live; posted July 10

15)1 Timothy Ch 2; posted Sept. 17

16)Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus; posted Oct. 20 powerful ! (say your intention
at the place where stated in prayer.) Your intention of offering may be for yourself,
a loved one, a community, ect...

17)St. Patrick's Breast plate prayer powerful ; posted Oct. 12 video
     St. Patrick's Breast plate prayer (words)  If you wish to sing along Click on (Home)
    go to the( Oct. month) scroll down to the 12th  and click on ( St. Patrick's Breastplate
     video) then sing along with the words above video.
     St. Patrick's Breastplate , by Donna Cori Gibson ; posted Feb. 22 2017

18)Jesus of Nazereth The Last Supper video, movie ; posted May 31

19)Jesus Love for Us/ Carrying Our Cross; posted Sept. 27

20)If I Could Tell You Today : posted Nov. 3
      I Have an Appointment with you, My Jesus ; posted Mar. 17, 2017

21)God Is More Precious Than Silver and Gold; posted Dec 1
      More Precious Than Silver by Paul McClure ; posted Dec. 1
      More Precious Than Silver ; posted Dec. 1
22)It's The Simple Things in Life ; posted Sept. 1

23)The Seven Blessed Sacraments, Message of Marriage, and The Rosary ; posted Aug.16

24)I Am Missing You / Sins Against the Holy Spirit; posted Aug. 18

25)Place Your Confidence In The Lord ; posted Nov. 4

26)Praise of God The Protector of The Just ; posted Oct. 26

27)Where Are You My People? ; posted Oct. 20

28)Exaltation Of The Holy Cross ; posted Sept. 15

29)In Christian Charity/Christian Suffering ; posted Sept. 11

30)Magnificat Mary's Song (lyric's); posted Aug 15

31)Magnificat The Canticle of Mary : posted Aug 15
      Peter's Canticle by John Michael Talbot ; posted Sept. 11

32)Shepherd Me O God ; posted Aug 25

33)Unity Song and Video ; posted Sept. 27

34)Jesus You Are Mercy by Donna Cori Gibson; posted Oct 3
      You Are Not Alone by Donna Cori Gibson; posted Oct 3

35) Why Do They Persecute My Son ; posted May 2 Please watch the two video's beneath the written story.

       Sunrise, by Our Last Night (acoustic)
       Sunrise, by Our Last Night Band lyrics
        The Bully Project Trailer
        Our Last Night Sunrise

36)The Boy's On The Church Steps ; posted May 12

37)Cry's Of Silence ; posted May 2

38)The World Keeps Passing Me By; posted April 24

39)Project Rachel and Gabriel for Pregnancies, Depression, Addictions; posted July 20
      Brady's Hope RX to Heroin Connection ; posted Aug. 24
      Please view  (Every 15 minutes program) on embraceholycross.com ; click on stories
      you will find the link near the bottom.
       Psalm 91 Security under God's Protection ; posted Aug. 3

40)A message about Candles and Nightlights; posted Aug. 6

41) A Christmas Message ; posted Dec.16

42)John Ch.6 (Holy Eucharist) ; posted Dec. 14

43)Prepare the Way for The Lord; posted Dec. 15

44)Perfect Love (Mary's Song) lyrics; posted Aug.15

45)Words in Songs of Prayer in The Holy Mass ;posted July 3

46)Hosea, Matthew, Psalm, and A Message of A Candle ; posted July 8

47)An Inspirational Prayer ; posted Oct 3

48)Monks singing a Gregorian Chant, Beautiful ; posted Sept 14
      Gregorian Chant singing Wonderwall ; posted Sept. 14

49)Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy ; Psalms ; posted Sept 27

50)The Nuns Chant from Avignon ; posted Sept 24

51)I Am The Light Of The World ; posted Dec 13

52) All Souls Day ; posted Nov. 2

53) Brave Courageous, Young People, and more ; posted Jan. 10 2017

54)Soft Rock, Celtic Woman and more / Unity Songs ; posted Jan. 10 2017

55) Video's of Jesus of Nazareth, The Passion of Christ,,Litany, Chants, and More ; posted Jan. 11 2017

56) Psalm 91 (Security Under God's Protection) ; posted Aug.3 
      Only In God Psalm 62  by John Michael Talbot posted Aug.4

57) Silent Night (Movie) ; posted Jan.17,2017
      Silent Night song by Hillsong ; posted Nov. 25