John 8:12 "I am the light of the world."

Thursday, September 14, 2023


 2 Corinthians Ch.3 V-17

Now the Lord is the Spirit,

 and where

the spirit of the Lord is

There is freedom.

John Ch.8 V-36

So if the Son sets you free,

you will be free indeed.

Galatians Ch:5 V-13 &14

You, my brothers and sisters,

were called to be free. But do not

use your freedom to indulge the

flesh; rather, serve one another

humbly in love.

14)For the entire law is fulfilled in

keeping this one command:

"Love your neighbor as yourself."

Galatians Ch:5 V-1

It is for freedom that Christ has

set us free. Stand firm, then, and do

not let yourselves be burdened

again by a yoke of slavery.

Ephesians Ch:3 V-12

In him and through faith in him

we may approach God with

freedom and confidence.

Psalms 118: V-5

When hard pressed, I cried to the

Lord; he brought me into a

spacious place.

Romans Ch6: V-22

But now that you have been set

free from sin and have become

slaves of God, the benefit you reap

leads to holiness, and the result is

eternal life.

1 Peter Ch:2 V-16

Live as free people, but do not

use your freedom as a cover-up for

evil; live as God's slaves.

Colossians 1 V-21-23

21)Once you were alienated from

God and were enemies in your

minds because of your evil


22)But now he has reconciled you

by Christ's physical body through

death to present you holy in his

sight, without blemish and free

from accusation-

23)if you continue in your faith,

established and firm, and do not

move from the hope held out in the

gospel. This is the gospel that you

heard and that has been

proclaimed to every creature under

heaven, and of which I, Paul, have

become a servant.

Romans Ch8: V20-21

20)For the creation was subjected

to frustration, not by its own choice,

but by the will of the one who

subjected it, in hope

21)that the creation itself will be

liberated from its bondage to decay

and brought into the freedom and 

glory of the children of God.


No Longer Slaves


Come to Me

The Bells of Freedom (story)


Army of Prayer & Rosary / The Bells of Freedom

 Today is Thurs. "Army of Prayer & Rosary." May you 

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between the Crosses+++your Click will be your

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Uniting together in the Peace of God's Love+

Blessings always to you and your loved ones,

Lori foster


The Bells of Freedom

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day (beautiful)

The Bells of Freedom

 Before modern communication church bells

remind or call the community together for all

purposes, both sacred and secular+


The Bells of Freedom

Autumn is approaching and it's

always been one of my favorite 

time of seasons!

I can see signs of the new brisk

season around me!

As I walk through the stores I

can see the beautiful orange,

yellow, and rustic colors!

The pumpkins and mums

 look so vibrant

and always seems to fit the

Autumn scene!

But as for me sometimes it's

not easy to receive the 

invitation before me!

I know God speaks through

his seasons!

He is the one that created

all of its beauty and charm.

But I sometimes can't make 

a move to get with the program!

The morning chilly air reminds

me of its approach!

I put on my sweatshirt and

head out my door!

Maybe I need to simply take

a walk to feel the autumn


 I began walking and 

sipping on my hot cocoa, 

and enjoying the sounds that

surrounds me.

I look up in the sky 

and ask Our Lord,

"Are you with me?"

"I seemed so tired

and worn down!"

"Can you my Lord

help me with this

new season?"

"Where is my joy?"

I look to the left of

me and I can see

a young couple walking

into a coffee shop!

I look over to the 

right side of me and

I can see an elderly

woman walking her

tiny dog!

I can hear behind me

a city bus approaching

and coming to a stop.

People began getting

off the bus to go about

their day! But I remember

one of them was a male

about in his forties and he

had difficulty climbing

down the bus steps.

He had his jacket on 

carrying a lunch box.

I could hear the bus driver

yell out to him, "Have a great

day Carl!" Don't work to hard

cleaning those hospital


I looked at Carl as he proceeded

down the sidewalk towards the

hospital. He had a limp but kept

ongoing about his day!

Suddenly, I could hear 

the cities church bells!

I noticed Carl looking up

to the sky as he was

listening to the ringing

of the bells!

It was noon and the church

bells were so beautiful!

I could barely see the church

tower in the distance and

a flood of peace fell upon


It's Jesus reminder that

he is near me

and hasn't forgotten me!

The church bells is our

Lord beckoning us all

for his attention!

I decide to walk into my

church and pray.

I look up to God in all

of his holiness and say,

"Be with me Lord!"

"I humbly ask him

what can I do for you today?"

I end my prayer in saying,

"Show me the way!"

By that time as I was

leaving the church,

 it was one o-clock 

in the afternoon.

The Church Bells gave

a beautiful ring!

 As I walked out the 

church doors, I felt

of peace and look

up towards heaven

and God answered me

in my heart+ 

The Bells of Freedom!


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