John 8:12 "I am the light of the world."

Sunday, April 24, 2016

World Keeps Passing Me By

Dear World,

I can see your Clinics of abortion at every corner of the world. God made our world of all His
light and divinity. How dare you place these evil buildings in His precious world. He created the
world of all His great beauty. These abortion buildings are slaughterhouses for the unwanted

I was once in your world, and my people ended up in many buildings as well. These buildings
were for the unwanted as well, and they were called concentration camps. These camps overflowed with bodies of neglect, bodies abandoned by our world.

I remember standing outside my camp, forced to crowd with others. I was looking through a tall barbed wire fence, and a large truck passed me by. I could see the truck was filled with many young girls, not knowing where they were heading to. I looked beyond in the distance at the large building they called "The Gas Chamber." Oh! How my heart fell to the ground and tears flowed down my face. They were the same as I was, and like me, they were not wanted.

I am now looking down at the present world. I can see that these same kind of buildings exist -- different in some ways yet similar in others. The buildings in your world seem to be nice and inviting.

The workers are warm and kind. The buildings provide comfort and care, opposite of concentration buildings. However, I do see cars passing by, the same when I was in my building.

I can see restaurants, gathering spaces, and many churches. The same as in my city, the one I grew up in. I could hear laughter, singing, and dancing echoing from the distance. Your buildings even have a very nice sign of who they were and what they stand for. My death camp building had a name also and stood firm on what they stood for.

I can see the world on the outside of your buildings; they are kept from seeing what is taking place inside. Your buildings are admired and even made famous by the world!

The buildings that my family and friends died at are now famous, with movies and books written about them.

I see your people keep passing them by, your buildings -- the same as the world did for me and my people.

I am in heaven now with my eternal Father. He can see all what is taking place in your world. I can only ask you, how much longer world, and how many more victims have to be exterminated, before you realize the unjust and evil of abortion?

I want to ask you, how long is it going to take before the world sees the face of God?
His face is on the front of ALL your buildings of praise!
His face is in tears for His love of purity of these slaughtered babies.
His CROWN OF THORNS is on EVERY clinic’s open door!
His tears are for the UNWANTED.
Oh World can't you see!
Our Lord's face was at EVERY concentration camp.
His people and my people had to die, as if they meant nothing to the world.

Our Lord's CROWN OF THORNS was on every train and truck taking his people to the gas chambers.

Our Lord's CROWN OF THORNS are on every vehicle taking the unborn to your slaughterhouses, which he sees as Death Buildings of his people!

Oh World! Our Lord hasn't changed for you, and he never will. He loves ALL of you with his purity, sacred heart, and divinity.

His tears were as great when my people were being robbed of life, and his tears are flowing now! He sees your innocent little ones being robbed of their own lives.

The only difference is, my people's DEATH could be viewed from the outside world and many
photos were taken.

Your people of innocents have not even a photo. However with your modern technology, some of

the unwanted do have a photo. My Lord allowed me to see your ultrasound machines and photos. But, your people simply disappear, as mine did!

I see that MANY of your people don't even get a chance to speak. I see photos after photos being taken, and knives after knives being received.

Your buildings are a DEATH CAMP TO GOD, however it's silently done.

My DEATH CAMP of my own people was a great ending of life, and many died in silence as well.

I received striped pajamas and a number. Your unborn babies receive a bag and a number. Please know, I will always love my world, your world, and God's world. I will pray for your people, both living and the unborn, and I will pray for your World’s Hidden Silence to End.

Sincerely, Yours in Christ

A Victim of the Holocaust