John 8:12 "I am the light of the world."

Monday, May 2, 2016

Why Do They Persecute My Son (The bullying project trailer video)

It was a warm Spring day, near the end of May. I was dropped off early, before School began, near the front doors. "Bye Mom, I love you." We were waving at one another as she drove away. I was arriving early to finish my art project. I looked in the distance at our school's flag pole. I noticed a woman with her head bent down. She was sitting alone on a large rock positioned underneath the flag. I thought to myself how strange it was, and who could this woman be?

I walked over towards the woman, to see if she needed some kind of help. As I was getting closer to her, I noticed she was weeping. I tapped on her shoulder and said, "Lady are you all right?" The woman looked up towards me in reply, "Why do they persecute my son?"

I stepped back, taken by her beautiful face. I could see her tears falling down her cheeks and she was in sorrow. I responded back in saying, "Lady, who is your son, and who is persecuting him?" I noticed she was looking at my golden cross necklace that I was wearing.

She smiled at me, with her cheeks still remaining wet from her tears. "Oh son, do you know who Jesus is?" I answered her with a short reply, "Yes, I do know Jesus!"

Suddenly her face became radiant, and there was a soft glow around her body. "Jesus, is my son", she replied. The woman looked up in the sky and pointed to our school flag. "Your flag stands for bravery, sacrifice, and unity. It stands for defending the helpless and needy. May all people stand up for this flag that has great meaning of wisdom. Your flag has the greatest honor and strength of God."

I anxiously questioned her, "Are you the Mother of Jesus, our Lord?" She humbly replied, "Yes, I am Blessed Mary, the mother of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I stand by your flag with great honor!"

The woman began to weep again and remains sitting on the large rock. "Oh my lady, why do you weep?" I asked. She in all her beauty speaks out, "Why do they keep persecuting my son?"
"Please, Blessed Mary, explain what you mean!", I replied.

"Those who torment others in schools, also torment my son. Those who taunt at others, taunt at my son. Those who mock at others, mock at Jesus! Those who swear at others, swear at my son. Those who hit and abuse others, abuse my precious son as well."

I asked meekly, "How is that, my Lady?" She answered me, "Jesus said, 'What you do unto others, you do unto me.'" Blessed Mary continued in saying, "Oh World, each time a person is pushed to the ground, Jesus falls with them. Each time a person's lunch tray is knocked to the floor, a thorn is pressed in the head of Jesus. Each time a person is shoved and cursed at, my son receives whips on his body."

I look into Blessed Mary's painful eyes, and she has so much love for her son. She speaks out in saying, "My son desires his people to know and love Him, just as he loves them."

I noticed cars pulling in the parking lot; school would soon begin. I picked a beautiful flower from the ground that was near the rock. I placed the flower in Blessed Mary's hands saying, "Please my Lady, don't be sad. I will try my best to help those who are being tormented. I will try my best to stand up for those who are persecuted. I will ask Jesus to help me, and I will always remember you daily."

Blessed Mary bent over gently, held my cross necklace and kissed it. She smiled up to me and said, "I know you love my son, and I know you will stand by him." She continued, "I know you love his people and you will kiss his cross."

I could hear the school bell ringing in the distance. I looked into Jesus' Mother's eyes and said, "Thank you. I love you, and I love Jesus." She answered back in saying, "I love you too my son, and I will pray always for you and your country." We held hands, with the flower between us, and I said, "Good-bye my Lady!"

As I was walking away towards the front doors of the school, I glanced back at Blessed Mary. I could see the soft glow all around her, and she was still holding her flower. I noticed she was looking up towards the flag, and she preceded in making the sign of the cross. She kissed her thumb, representing her son, and she was gone!

I can still remember her words of sorrow, "Why do they persecute my son?" and I will forever hang on to her spoken words, "Stand beside my son and love his people."

Note: May we all be aware of those who are being harmed and tormented. May we pay attention to those who are the tormentors. May we speak often to our children and know who their friends are. Their friends could be leading them into hatred and to engage in negative actions towards others. We all must be more responsive and take a stand.

May you watch "The Bully Project Trailer video", and a song called "Sunrise" by a band called Our Last Night. Please allow your children, and Teens to view these videos.

God Bless Always.