John 8:12 "I am the light of the world."

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Blanket Our Towns Oh' Lord

Blanket Our Towns  Oh' Lord
Where there is brokenness ,
place your blanket of Peace
across the streets
to help mend them.

Where we see loneliness,
weave your blanket of
awareness to spread forth

Where their is hunger and
thirst , may our hands be
Can we offer a drink?
Can we offer food?
Can we offer warmth?

Our towns seem distant Oh' Lord
Can we offer a smile?
Can we offer courtesy?
Can we offer our time?
Can we respond spontaneously ?

Blanket Our Families Oh' Lord.
Where there is sadness
can we offer hope?
Where there is pain
can we offer your joy?

When someone seems to be
depressed or lonely,
can we allow ourselves
to turn towards them,
and not look away?

Blanket Our Teens Oh' Lord
Allow them to be themselves,
and to know they matter deeply.

Blanket Me Oh' Lord
in my own setting.
Show me what I can do
for you, even it it's not

Blanket Our Towns  Oh' Lord
When we see dirt, a mess, or
something we can do, even unknown.
Help our warmth
be given.

Blanket Me Jesus , with Yourself.
Where I am focused on my own
needs , allow me to redirect
my ways and think of the
needs of others.

Blanket Our Homes Oh' Lord
Allow us to look at what we have
and appreciate the gifts given.
When we are caught up
in wanting more and more
Allow us to improve what
we have and those around us !

Blanket My Words Oh' Lord
Make Our Voices be White and
Pure. May we be aware
of how we speak.
Help us to spread across your
path of holiness.
Allow Us to shower
Your ways , not ours.
Help build us UP
of courage
and shield us
with your Bravery!

Blanket Our World Oh' Lord
Place your Breath of  Freshness
to fall over Our Needs !
Pour Forth your warmth
of PEACE among Our Lands.

Oh' Lord Our God ,
Blanket Us with your Care
When we feel untouched
It is You and only  You
we look up to and
find rest!

Thank you , Dear Jesus 
for your Blanket of Divinity
laying across US.
Even when we are in
pain and sorrow,
You are the one to REMIND
us that you are WRAPPING 
around US. 
Your blanket of LOVE
pours OVER us in

Dear Ones,
May Our Lord Bless You & Your Loved Ones !
May We Offer Our Prayers Up to Jesus 

The Quilted Rosary