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Monday, May 2, 2016

How Embrace The Cross Began

How "Embrace the Cross" began , how God placed it on me, and how it got it's name on Aug. 23, 2009.

Dear Reader,

On Feb.1, 2008 a close friend of mine lost her son, 18yrs. old on an icy road, and taking his friends life as well. She was a girl from his high school. I began doing the prayer method of "Embrace the Cross" for her and her husband and both families. I went to visit with her in early summer of 2008. Sitting quietly on a bench outside of a restaurant and knowing we would soon have to depart from one another, I asked her when was her son's birthday? She said Dec.5th I said o-k on the 5th of each month we will both pray "The Divine Mercy Prayer" in his honor and for the 5 sorrowful mysteries of Jesus, and she agreed. I wrote down the prayer method and mailed it to her, for we live 2hrs apart. Aug 23, 2009 my son drew my vision of Jesus crucified, given to me in a dream, on Feb. 16, 1995. It was then when the prayer method got it's name "Embrace the Cross" Those three words were the first words taken from the written prayer exercise, furthermore, the drawn vision received it's Title "Embrace the Cross". " Embrace the Cross" along with" Army of prayer and rosary " has been sent to many people of all faiths. It is to remind those in need that they are not completely alone, for many are "Embracing the Cross" with them spiritually in thought and action of prayer.

Dear Ones,

Embrace the Cross prayer exercise , is also done on the 5th of each Month and every Fridays when Jesus,
died on the cross and the five Sorrowful Mysteries are reflected upon. Remember Embrace the Cross is also done, each month on the day of your beloved one's birthday , all Holidays, and special days ect.... as well.

All those embracing the cross are underneath the umbrella of Jesus Mother. She knows our sorrows and is constantly praying for us. She invites us to join her at the Cross of her Son with our eyes looking up at his eyes with a kiss onto his feet. Her veil will softly clothe our sorrows and she will gently whisper may you have peace and trust in our Lord. Her smile will point to the Glory of Jesus
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Dear ones, " Embrace the Cross " website was built on April 12, 2015, on Divine Mercy Sunday! My son, has kindly built this site for me, and has placed my inspirational writings on the site through emails , however He taught be how to write on my blog and add links.  He is also the one who drew my given vision as well. I thank him so very much for all his effort and response. On Oct. 5th, 2015, I discovered Blessed Sister Faustina's Feast Day is on Oct. 5.

She died on Oct 5, 1938. She is the Saint whom The Divine Mercy was given to by our Lord.

I also discovered Mother Teresa of Calcutta, India died on Sept. 5, 1997.

The 5th of each month is" Embrace the Cross." May we remember and give honor to Sister Faustina , and Mother Teresa, on the 5th of each month, as well. God Bless

Note: My two youngest children and I, went to Divine Mercy Sunday service, at 3:00 hr. Later,
when I got home, I called my son, whom I knew was working on Embrace the Cross website.
I asked him how the website was going, and he told me that it was ready to be viewed. I
was excited and told Him, today is Divine Mercy Sunday! I thought He would have completed
the website during Christmas break, and that didn't happen. I was hoping He would complete it during Spring Break, and that didn't happen, however Blessed Mary , wanted Her way. 

May God Bless Always,

Lori Foster

Dear Ones,

May we remember always of Mother Angelica's Birthday, April 20, 1923. May we do Embrace the Cross, on the 20th of each month , in Her Honor. She was the founder of EWTN ( Eternal Word Television Network) One of Mother Angelica's quotes " Prayer is your heartbeat in ryhthm with His ." She passed away on March 27, 2016, Easter Sunday ! We may also give Her Honor of her Death, on the 27th of each month as well .

Please remember, Divine Mercy Sunday, is the Sunday AFTER Easter Sunday. The service is
at 3:00 p.m. It is a beautiful Prayer, and EVERYONE is invited. Simply try to attend each year, and receive God's Mercy in a unique way, and you will receive many Graces by God. If you are
unable to attend, You will find it on EWTN at 3:00 p.m.

please note: The Divine Mercy Chaplet is prayed DAILY on EWTN at 3:00 pm when Christ died
on the HOLY CROSS . Please go My favorites: embraceholycross.com  go towards the beginning of the website, underneath Embrace the Cross and look for the "Divine Mercy Prayer"; you will see below the prayer a link called "Divine Mercy in Song" . Pray and God Bless YOU !!
note: on this blog you will find two more Divine Mercy Chaplet's Please go to the links called :
"Chaplet of Divine Mercy Sung by Donna Cori Gibson with nuns" and another link  called
"Divine Mercy Chaplet Video."