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Friday, August 26, 2016

Embraceholycross.com message

Dear One's  Please go to  embraceholycross.com   There is a link underneath my favorites , however on smaller devices the links may not be available.  embraceholycross.com  is the original website, and you will find the prayer method of "Embrace the Cross".
You will also find The Divine Mercy Prayer, Prayer to the Heavenly Court,  and The Quilted Rosary.
You will also find Prayers, and many inspirational stories I was inspired to write for our Lord, and to hopefully help those in need. 

PLEASE VIEW ON THIS BLOG:  Go to the (Month of May 2016 post)
"How Embrace The Cross Began"
There are some video's of songs available underneath the message.
May Embrace the Cross, website help give you strength and comfort in Jesus, Our Lord !
May Our Lord comfort, and give his Divine Love to All  those Embracing His Cross. 
yours in Christ, Lori Foster

You may order one from www.leafletonline.com  or 1-800-328-9582
There are many Ring Rosaries- (They are a 10 beaded Ring with a crucifix) It can easily be placed on your key chain, purse, or pocket.  Ring Rosary order number 02289 $2.95 each
There are several different kinds of Ring Rosaries to choose from . 

The Ring Rosary will help you to Pray" The Divine Mercy Prayer" written on embraceholycross.com  you will find the link underneath my favorites.
You can also order a loop Decade Sports Rosary order number :24830 $6.95 each  
St Theresa Sacrifice Beads order number :23952 $6.95 each
These one decade rosaries , can help you do The Embrace The Cross prayer method.

NOTE**** Please go to "I am Because We are" (in Aug. 2016 post) It explains of different ways one can help build God's Army !! 
Please go to " Army of Prayer and Rosary" on this blog.  God Bless You Always