John 8:12 "I am the light of the world."

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


November 1st is In Honor of All Saints Day and November 2 is
All Souls Day ! May we pray for ALL the departed souls
 and offer our Masses up for them in Jesus name we pray +++
It began in the early centuries remembering martyrs whose names
were unknown and who therefore did not have their own festivities.
It was introduced in Rome on May 13 -610 as "The Feast of Holy Martyrs."
by Pope Bonific IV,
The occasion was a gift of the ancient pagan temple of the pantheon
to the church by the Roman Emperor, Phocas. First celebrated on May 13,
it was transferred to Nov. 1 for the Universal Church by Pope Gregory IV
in 835. By then it included ALL SAINTS (meaning ; anyone who goes
to Heaven is considered a Saint.) 
The reason for the NEW DATE may have been a practical one. It seems
so many pilgrims came to Rome for the "Feast" that it was  moved
to the Fall when more food would be available after the harvest.
The New date spread throughout the Church. Nov. 1 ! May we 
turn on our Night Lights for ALL OUR DEPARTED LOVED
ONE'S !  May Our Lord Blessings be among you and your

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