John 8:12 "I am the light of the world."

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Dear One's  Today Dec. 12 th is the "Feast Day of Our Lady of Quadalupe"
It was the day in 1531 , the Blessed Mother appeared in Mexico to a 57 year old
peasant named Juan Diego.  Juan Diego was walking near what is now
New Mexico City  ( Tepeyac Hill) when he came upon an apparition of a "Maiden"  whom he soon came to recognize as the Virgin Mary. In trying to convince the archbishop of what he had seen,
Juan Diego eventually was asked for a sign to prove what he had seen.
Upon returning to Mary and sharing this with her, Juan Diego was instructed to climb
to the top of the hill to gather flowers to bring back to the bishop.
Reaching the crest of the hill , Juan Diego found Castilian roses, which were
neither in season nor native to the region  The Blessed Mother arranged the
flowers herself in Juan's tilma ( a burlap-type cloak) and instructed him to open
the cloak only upon return to the bishop. When Juan Diego arrived back at the
bishop's residence and opened his cloak, the flowers fell to
the floor and left on the surface of the tilma (cloak) was the image that's come
to be known as "Our Lady of Quadalupe".

***The ribbon around her  waist in the Image signified " Child in the womb"
Blessed Mary , Our Lady of Quadalupe, Mother of Peace, we love you
Pray for US .

Dear my sisters and brothers in Christ,
I wish to tell you a very neat dream given to me on Sept. 23, 2009 
I was looking out of my kitchen window up in the sky.
Suddenly I could see and image of Our Blessed Mary forming
in the sky.  I could see nothing but Blessed Mary's veil forming
in the sky, then her faced formed. Her image was all in a glowing
color like gold  all around her image.
 I could see her face looking down and very peaceful.
I  could only see her from the neck up. My oldest daughter was standing
beside me and I was telling her what I was seeing in the sky !
then the dream ended. ( The dream was very beautiful & peaceful)
After the given dream I remember seeing her image and I knew it
looked familiar . The next day was my youngest child Isaac's 6th birthday
and as we were singing happy birthday I was looking at our picture of
Our Lady of Quadalupe we have hanging  on our kitchen wall.
That was the image , that was given to me  in my dream,
however my picture has her complete
body and  in the dream I could only see her from the neck up .
I loved this dream. 

Note: I further wrote in my journal on Sept. 24th after my son's
birthday. Here is what I had written:
I could see this very bright golden  arch , then Blessed Mary's  image
appeared . The gold were the rays from around her face to her
In the complete image of Our Lady of Quadalupe
 ( Blessed Mary is with  the child  Jesus in her womb)
The ribbon around her waist signifies woman with child. 
AND A  JOYFUL AND HAPPY NEW YEAR ! with my love, Lori Foster
May we turn our nightlights on !

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