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Monday, October 29, 2018

Uplifting Music

Dear One's you can find some of your favorite songs on this link :
Uplifting Music in Our Everyday Living / 1-10-17

Note: you can go to provided link underneath "My Favorite links" called
"Bundle of Music" Use web version . 

Bundle of Music / 5-1-2017

Motherland , by Natalie Merchant

Candy Everybody Wants , by Natalie Merchant

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Sacraments & Eucharistic Adoration

Dear One's , Here are some video's that help explain what the Sacraments are in the
Church given by Our Lord.
Video's of the Sacraments / 2-2017

The Eucharist Sacrifice & Banquet / 10-17-2018 NOTE; The video's explain when
the Eucharist began in scripture and how it was given to US by CHRIST +++

What is Eucharistic Adoration ?
John Ch. 6 The Holy Eucharist / 4-2018  NOTE: scroll down to
Bishop Barron's Video's of The Holy Eucharist+++

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Oct. 13 th. Our Lady of Fatima Portugal

Today is "The Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima" /10-2017
May we turn our nightlights on in honor of Blessed Mary !!
May God Bless You Dear One's +++

Friday, October 12, 2018

Blessed Are They

The Heavens Are Weeping & What Is The Rosary

The Heavens Are Weeping / 5-17-2017

What The Rosary Is / 10-12-2017

For The One , by Jenn Johnson

Peace Be Still , by Lauren Daigle

You Say , by Lauren Daigle

What The Rosary Is

The Rosary is made up of two things: mental and vocal prayer.
In the Holy Rosary mental prayer is meditation of the mysteries
of the life , death, and glory of Jesus Christ +++ and of
 the Blessed Mother . Vocal prayer consists in saying 15
decades (1 decade is 10 beads or say 10 times.) of the Hail Mary,
each decade headed by an Our Father first. While at the same time
meditating on and contemplating the 15 principal virtues which
Jesus and Mary practiced in the 15 mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

In the first 5 decades we must honor Christ Birth ; The Joyous

In the second 5 decades we honor Christ Death ; The Sorrowful

In the third 5 decades we honor Christ Resurrection ; The Glorious

Now we have 5 more decades given by Pope John Paul II ; The 
Luminous Mysteries. 

So the Rosary is a blessed blending of mental and vocal prayer
by which we honor and learn to imitate The Mysteries and
Virtues of the life, death, passion , and glory of Jesus and Mary.
The Rosary had been in use for centuries , from the time of
the disciples down to the present. 1214 the Rosary was given
to the Holy Mother Church in it's present form we use today !

It was received by St. Dominic from the Blessed Virgin Mary
as a powerful means of conversion of sinners/ for ALL people's
HEARTS to turn towards God.  We are walking
through the scripture life of Jesus and offering our prayers
to God +++

Dear One's if you wish to view the video's of the 15 mysteries
of Christ , click on the link below" My Favorites Post "and go to #6
note: Keep scrolling down until you find the number 6. 

My Favorites Post ; 11-18-2016

For The One / 10 - 12-2018

Peace Be Still / 10-12-2018

You Say / 10-12-2018

Blessed Are They / 10-12-2018

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Oct. 5th is Feast Day of Saint Maria Faustina

Oct 5th is "Feast Day of Saint Maria / 10-5-2017  +++
May we turn our nightlights on for this Feast Day & Friday is "Embrace The Cross"