John 8:12 "I am the light of the world."

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Project Rachel and The Gabriel Project for pregnancies, Depression, Addictions Resources

Project Rachel-  is a post-abortion healing for women in pain and sorrow.  You will find
healing in the softness of Christ.  Please call: 877-522-3300  or go on-line to
Project Rachel hope after abortion.org  

The Gabriel Project - is a caring outreach to women in crisis pregnancies. It is Free mentoring
through pregnancy.  Please call: 877-734-4444 or go on-line to The Gabriel Project
The angel Gabriel told Mary, "Do not be afraid"
Dear Ones Please do not be afraid. May you ask someone close to you ,to be at your side. May they help walk with you, in these steps you wish to take. If you are alone, you will feel so much
better, after you have spoken to someone who cares.  Our World is praying for you, and support
you always.  God Bless

BIRTHRIGHT: CALL 1-800-550-4900
They will support you and give you encouragement.
You will receive prenatal Care, and Medical Help. 
Please do not be afraid.
Someone Cares, simply call !
Our Lord Will Walk You Through this most difficult time.

ATTENTION SMOKERS: Smokers can now stop smoking with TBX free- call number:
1-800-285-6906 (call and learn how to get two weeks free) FDA registured
#1 choice for smokers
Fast Acting
No Side Affects or Withdrawals

Colossians Ch.1 verse 24: The Mystery: Christ in Us. Even now I find my joy in the suffering I endure for you. In my own flesh I fill up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ for the sake of his body, the church.

***MY RELAPSE IN OCT. 1995 / posted 1-3-2018

Remember always- Jesus, had help carrying His Cross, by Simon the Cyrenean. It was an
example to the world, to allow others to help us, whether it be a family member, professional,
priest, nun, or preachers.  Whenever we do fall, may we think of Jesus, for he fell three times carrying His Cross. May it be an example to us ALL , that when we fall, may we try our best to stand back up.
When we take that step forward , we invite Jesus to take our step with us, and he will carry us through our difficulties.  If we stumble backwards, and fear sets in, he will place soft white linen cloth around us.  He will remind us, that he is always ready to heal our wounds. Whenever we become alone , or depressed may we try our best to do "Embrace the Cross" prayer method.  Maybe the night light, and kissing your cross, or photo of Jesus will be your only prayer
Dear One, as time goes forward, may you try to advance in "Embrace the Cross" and " The Short Way of Embrace the Cross. in doing so you will feel the strength of Our Lord.  ( you will find the prayer methods and prayers on embraceholycross.com )

To All Those Who Are Doing "Embrace the Cross" prayer method, Please pray for ALL the women who are reaching out to Rachel's Project and The Gabriel Project.  May we together remember them, and pray the Divine Mercy Prayer for them. May we turn our lights on the given days especially every Fridays.
May we pray for ALL  who are feeling alone, depressed, sad, and allow them to know our prayers are being offered up to Jesus Our Loving Lord. May the night light (if you have one) be turned on and give a gentle Peace of God.  Amen

PSALM 91: SECURITY UNDER GOD'S PROTECTION posted; Aug. 3, 2016 to help grant you peace and comfort of our Lord. 

Depression resources:
type in- online depression resources ( you will find webmd.com) information about depression
               you may also go to www.webmd.com
phone numbers: 1-800-422-4453(child)  or 1-800-826-3632 ( 1-800-273-talk ) or
help will be provided for your needs.

The Treatment Help Line :  Go on line to thetreatmenthelpline.com  There will be someone available in helping to guide you into recovery.  This program has someone ready to speak with you on line at anytime of the day or night 24/7.  Please do not be afraid, they are wanting to help you in anyway you need. God Bless You

The Addiction Network- For treatment of drug and alcohol addictions call- 1-888-327-0781
                                           to speak with a live counselor.  info@addiction