John 8:12 "I am the light of the world."

Thursday, November 3, 2016

If I Could Tell You Today !

You are not alone; for you have Jesus!
When you are facing difficulties; Jesus will help build you up.
When you "Embrace The Cross" you are not alone; for you will
meet Blessed Mary, His Mother.
When you "Embrace The Cross" many will be spiritually with
you in prayer.
When you pray- ask Our Lord to help ALL who are
"Embracing The Cross"
When you "Embrace The Cross" and pray; God's light will
become radiant upon your face.
When you are in pain and sorrow; Jesus will clothe
you with His blanket of pure love.
Jesus, will help you bare and endure your pain
of sorrow.
Jesus, will ease your sorrows and
remove the weight of pain from
your shoulders.
When you "Embrace The Cross" of Jesus;
in kissing him, as mentioned on
the prayer exercise; on his cross,
crucifix, photo of Jesus; He
will kiss your face of tears.
When you say "Lord I Am Yours; Do With Me What You Will."
He will cradle you in his hands, and help shape you
in what he wants for you and your needs. 
He will say" Thank you for Embracing My Cross."

Dear one's , may you try your best to go to the given prayer method exercise given
on embraceholycross.com  ( you will find it underneath my favorites)
go to "The Short Way of Embrace the Cross" and the
"Quilted Rosary" ( The Divine Mercy Prayer Card)
(Prayer to the Heavenly Court) and the
(Army of Prayer and Rosary) note; the " Times" have been expanded on the blog. of
the three given days! (The post for " Army of Prayer and Rosary" on the blog is Sept. 27, 2016 ) You are All in my daily prayers, Please pray for Everyone
Embracing the Cross of Jesus.  Thank you, and May Our Lord Bless You 
and Your loved one's!  Lori Foster

NOTE: When you have the time, Please view the October 12 ,2016 Post
" St. Patrick's Breastplate  (Powerful ,Beautiful, & Strong) If you can fast forward it towards the ending ; where it says "Christ within me " ect......  You may wish to go to the
 St. Patrick's Breastplate prayer above the video, and read the words towards the end "Christ within me." ect.... 
Dear one's this is a long prayer, however extremely powerful for one's soul. This prayer is very pleasing to Our Lord, for it constantly reminds us how much WE NEED HIM. 
When you are able , try to listen to the complete video or song , and sing along with the words above the video. May you enjoy it each and every time ! take care, Lori

***NOTE***If you wish to sing along to St. Patrick's Breastplate video / Use web version /
 click on (OCTOBER'S MONTH LINK / then scroll down & click on  OCT. 12, 2016 St. Patrick's Breastplate video link / then scroll up above, are the WORDS TO THE SONG !