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Thursday, July 12, 2018

More Countries Added

More Countries Added ; 7-12-2018

So Will I (lyrics) by Hillsong

So Will I (100 billion X ) by Hillsong

Miracles (lyrics) by Kari Jobe

More Countries added

Dear Ones,
May you view some of the New Added Countries that have "Embrace The Cross"
May we keep one another in our prayers.
May we wish the best for each country !
May we together join in prayer to Our Lord .
May together we Kiss the face of Jesus +++
We Join Our Cross with Jesus Cross +++
God Bless All Whom are Embracing the Cross of Jesus +++

Note ; My Stats have shown the Countries Added thus so far. There may be
more countries that I am unable to view, however I will keep
adding those that show up !
Thank you with Blessings to You and Your Loved Ones,
Lori Foster
Click here:
Countries ; 8-4-2017

Come Alive ; 5-2017 / song

Wordless ; 5-2017 / song

Heal Our Land ; 5-2017 / song

Miracles ; 7-2018

So Will I (lyrics) ; 7-2018

So Will I ; 7-2018

Bishop Barron on Centrality of Christ / 9 mins.

Bishop Barron on Spiritual Food / 11 mins.

Bishop Barron on Silence and the Meaning of the Mass / 9 mins.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Because It's You / story

Because It's You / story / 2-2018
Wild Child / 2-2018
May you listen to the video's provided underneath the story !

Friday, July 6, 2018

Embrace The Cross

Today is Embrace The Cross +++
go to link :
days of the week music ( you can find the link on my home page ; use web version
for mobiles / go to Fridays Reflection 7-6
Enjoy with Blessings of Our Lord +++

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

You Make Me Brave

Happy 4th of July !

Happy 4th of July !  May we always Remember to be Thankful and Grateful
for Our Freedom !
May God Bless America !
May God Bless Our World !
May God Bless All Families !
May God Bless Our Brothers
and Our Sisters across the globe !

May God Bless All who are Embracing The Cross of Jesus !
May we turn our nightlights on for those whom sacrificed their
lives for Our Country !

May we turn our nightlights on for one another !
May Peace of God's Love be upon you All !

Far Away ; 7-2017
American Soldier ; 11-2017
Brothers in Arms ; 11-2017
Enya in Honor of Troops ; 7-2017

You're Gonna Be O-K ; 5-2018
Mention of Your Name ; 5-2018
I Won't Forget ; 6-2018
You Make Me Brave ; 7-2018

Enjoy your day and be safe
God Bless Always,
Lori Foster

Days of the Week Music ; 7-2017 ( read the message on Wednesday's Post 

Monday, July 2, 2018

Message between Crosses

Dear One's ,
Please go to (Days of the Week Music)  I have added the Messages that is
directed for prayer between the Crosses +++
May you try to view the Days of the Week Music often !
May we pray for ALL who are Embracing the Cross of Jesus !
God Bless You always,
click here:
Days of the Week Music 7-11-2017

note: if you are using mobiles devices use web version . You will
find the link on the left side of the home page.

Spirit Move (lyrics)