John 8:12 "I am the light of the world."

Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Given Vision ( Jesus Dying On The Cross)

On February 16, 1995 I had a very unusual dream and it felt so real
This is my dream:
     My husband and I was in a house with a few other people.
We were in a living room watching T.V. and a hard Rock
video came on T.V.  I was sitting there watching it
and a horrible image of the Devil appeared in the video.
This image was half man and half beast. This image was
Satan. I was telling everyone how terrible this song
and group are.  Nobody in the room could see the image
of Satan but me.  I looked straight at a crucifix on a wall
and all of a sudden I saw the crucifix come alive. A large image
of Jesus appeared on the wall. Jesus was dying on the cross.
The wall was a red or rust color background and I could
see part of the cross behind him.  Jesus was crowned with
thorns and blood was dripping all over his face.
tears was running down his face in great agony
and sadness. Jesus head would move side to side and
he was dying. I could only see Jesus from his chest up.
I felt such agony and pain for him. my heart ached for
I knew Christ heart is longing for his children to know
and love him. I didn't tell anyone about me seeing the
image of Satan in the video nor Jesus dying on the cross.
     Next thing I know my husband and I are still in this
house with the same group of people. we're all sleeping
on a living room floor.  I woke up with drippings on my
head and body. I discovered it was drops of blood
falling from the ceiling and I knew instantly it was
the blood of Jesus coming down on me. I woke up my
husband, and the blood drops became many all over the
place. Everyone woke up in great fear and didn't know
what was happening.  I then told everyone about
the image of Satan in the rock video, and Jesus
being crucified.  I told everyone this is Jesus blood
from the cross for all of our sin's and the sin's of
the world. I told them that we all have the
knowledge of God and we know what to do.
We must pray now to Jesus for his love
for us all. We must repent our sins
and pray.  All of us got down on our
knees and began to pray together. 
I woke up from my given dream
in great fear, amazement, and

This Dream is telling me : Christ is being crucified now more
than anytime in History.  Satan is getting many souls through
music, video's and movies. Many People are easily being snatched
up by Satan's work.  We all must pray and repent at all times.
Try not to become a victim of your own desires.  Those who pray
daily, do God's work, and His will towards others Have nothing
to fear.  Pray as a family and help teach others to pray.
I'll never forget Jesus eyes,the beauty,and love within them.
Note: This vision was in full color / his blood was great.

NOTE: Listening to SOFT ROCK MUSIC is not against Our Lord,
if the words are uplifting and positive. Jesus is offended with 
Heavy Metal Music that has depressing,
 words and feel  to it. Some music can allow us to
be separated from one's own
self and  from the world. 
If the music places you into darkness STAY AWAY FROM IT.

Description of Satan: He was half man and half beast. He had
large wings and hooves. He was more beastly looking than 
Human. His actions copied Human actions of hate and 
mockery. He seemed to be in full control because He
was invited.  He was extremely scary and no earthly 
words can describe him accurately. 

My son kindly drew this given Image for me on
August 23, 2009. This image is called "EMBRACE THE CROSS" It's
the black and white image on my website and this blog. 

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May Our Loving Lord Bless You Always,  Lori Foster




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