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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Lori Foster's Story / My Letter to Immaculle

Dear One's
I have a STORY TO TELL..I have been waiting for many years to have the opportunity to  speak about "My Story" . I have been waiting for someone to give me approval to speak out to what I have to say.  Blessed Mary is telling me " LORI IT HAS TO COME FROM YOU , FOR IT'S YOUR STORY." ONLY YOU CAN TELL YOUR OWN STORY."   My story goes back to Jan. 17 , 1994 the "Day of the California Earthquake" .  I have already given to you "My Conversion in 1992" found underneath "My Favorites" / link :
***(My Given Dreams , by Lori Foster.)

Here are some writings taken from my Journal. My first page is written on my 2nd grade daughters
preschool paper with diamonds , circles, and squares around it.
On Jan. 17th 1994, the Day of the California Earthquake, I saw on the morning news that
took so many peoples lives. 
That afternoon, I sat down at my kitchen table and was inspired to write "Army of Prayer and Rosary."  Uniting All people in prayer to Our Lord, Jesus . I began writing at 1:00 p.m. to
1:00 a.m.  Please remember I had four children ages 8, 6, 4, and 2 that I had to attend to.
That night when I went to bed ,  I was pondering on "The Army of Prayer and Rosary".
I was sitting up in bed and said these simple words, "Dear Lord and Blessed Mary is this
is what you are wanting me to do ?"  
Suddenly , a glow began to form from a large wreath we had  hanging on a wall .  The wreath was directly in front of our bed.  The glow continued to form very slowly. It 's white glow would
get larger than smaller repeating several times. I woke up my husband to see if he could figure it out but neither of us could.  My husband walked over to the glowing light and raised
his hand up to it, and the glow disappeared.  We have never seen the glow again.
I told my husband "I believe that was a sign from God and Mary !" I continued in telling him
that I had just asked for a sign . I explained to him about what I had been writing and about
the "Army of Prayer and Rosary."
Dear One's , you may view what I had written on this link:

***Army of Prayer and Rosary / 09-27-2016 ( The given times are extended) 
To continue "My Story" I began writing many forms to my family and friends and
neighbors. This Army was to begin on Mar. 1, 1994.
 On Feb. 11, 12, and 13th I decided to place an article in the  Newspaper. 
this is what I wrote :  Army of Prayer , People in Christ, we must pray for Our World.
Make a commitment  form (I will pray or say rosary every Tues., Thurs., Sat. for 15 mins.
If I miss a day I will try to pray the next given day.  I will renew my signature every March, add new names who joined. Must ask Our Lord, Blessed Mary for Help In Our World. Will begin March 1, 1994.  (I still have that newspaper article in my journals)

On Feb. 12th ( the second day of my placed newspaper article ) it was on a Saturday morning my husband got up at 6:30 a.m. to go to work.  I  rolled over to go back to sleep, however I looked at my wall with our crucifix on it , and Suddenly crosses started appearing all over the wall. They were appearing everywhere !  The crosses are the same size as the crucifix and a yellowish glowing color.(That very cross is the cross I mention falling to my knees to in "My Conversion" two years prior. 

I called Brad in our bedroom and He could see them appear also. We were extremely amazed for we knew we were witnessing an act from God. I then told my husband about the article I had just put in the Newspaper. ( The next day we went to a local priest whom blessed our crucifix and I told him "My Story" in tears. My priest was very kind and he told me this is a sign given to you for your mission.  I was thinking to myself "A mission?"  It terrified me, but I knew
I had to go with God's Plan he was asking of me.( please note: The priest came to our home and did a house blessing . )  The crosses never did go away and has continued to appear around
all our crucifixes in our home. They are still appearing to this day.
NOTE: The SIGNS I have  been allowed to visually see are not to place fear upon anyone.
The CROSSES are very PEACFUL and BEAUTIFUL .   I do not take them for granted and I hope "MY STORY" can bring forth PEACE & STRENGTH .  MAY OUR LORD GRANT YOU HIS BLESSINGS ALL OF YOUR DAYS.  I pray for ALL whom are Embracing The Cross of Our Lord ,  Lori Foster (My priest know about my writings and the signs I have been given.  They are receiving of what I have presented to them . Praying and  attending Mass has been my ultimate strength throughout my given Mission for Our Lord.  
I began working on "The Army of Prayer and Rosary" in sending out forms to both my side of the family and my husbands. I was trying to gather as many people possible before March 1, 1994.
I decided to move my Blessed Mary's statue that was placed on my bedroom dresser , against the wall  my crucifix was on.
I thought it would be best if Blessed Mary ,  would be underneath Jesus crucifix.
Suddenly , Blessed Mary's image began to appear on the wall the same as the crosses did.
I was extremely amazed !  I must tell you more of the crosses and Blessed Mary's image
appear during prayer and rosary. Blessed Mary's image was the same size as the
statue, and a glowing white color. The same as the crosses. Some family members and friends came to visit our home and were able to see the crosses form. Some people could see Blessed Mary's image form as well.  Please note: the crosses and Blessed Mary's image remained on one wall only; the wall with the crucifix.  The image of Blessed Mary,  did not leave the wall onto other walls , however that will soon change.

On April 28th 1994, I was praying my rosary in my bedroom and Blessed Mary's image and the crosses were appearing as they have been, however Blessed Mary's image LEFT THE WALL
onto another wall.  In my journal I wrote that TWO of her images appeared onto another wall.
Soon after during prayer , her image would appear on ALL FOUR WALLS.  ( please know I was the only one who could see her image LEAVE THE MAIN WALL THAT THE CRUCIFIX WAS ON.  ( Please know I have went to my priest every STEP OF THE WAY)

Dear One's the writings I have just told you were also written in  "My Thirteen page letter"
that I had mentioned on this Link:
***(In The name of Jesus / 9-13-2017)
( please note: AFTER I had written the 13 page letter I was given the dream of a very large city. 
My Given Dream in a large city / 7-6-2017
In the late Summer of 1994 or Early fall , I was given my First Spiritual Dream or Vision "My Dream in Africa. 
Please know (I keep this letter I am about to give to you in my heart. I ask you to receive it most gently in yours.


I Received your book "Left to Tell" on my doorstep from my son's  girlfriend . I read it on April 2 and finished April 4th. I then decided to write to Immaculee , as if I were telling it to her.

April 4, 2013,
Dear Immaculee,
I have read your story  and I wish I could hug you right now and kiss your cheeks. I needed to read your book for it's been past do to do so.  I am sorry from the depth of my soul what you had to undergo and what your family had to face and endure , before their lives were taken to God.  Please know Blessed Mary was constantly with all of your people.  Her sorrow was great and she never left you nor your loved ones.

Dear One , Blessed Mary's Image was appearing many all over my bedroom walls beginning
March 1, 1994 and I didn't quite understand why.  I only knew it was urgent and very important. Crosses began appearing in my home around my crucifixes since Feb. 12, 1994. daily and still are.
Her image of the statue that was against the same wall would appear on the wall the crucifix was on.  I had been trying to tell others the importance of prayer and rosary. 
On April 28, 1994  Blessed Mary's image LEFT the main wall onto a different wall in my bedroom.
Soon many appeared on ALL four walls of all sizes. The images were extremely bright and actually stayed on the wall for a few seconds, then reappear again and again.  I was the only one who could see them leave the wall , for some people could see her image on the wall of the crucifix.  Meanwhile the crucifix was having crosses appear around it at the same time !

 Immaculee, I did not know what was going on in your country at that time.
I remember being on a boat, and  my father-in-law commenting on the killings in Africa how horrible it was.  But I knew very little until the genocide was over. Here I was a housewife , mother of four children having a good time as it should be and across the world mothers and fathers were fleeing running to hide with their children from evil people, who were on a killing spree.
The image of Blessed Mary was appearing during prayer and rosary and  I kept praying.
God did give me a dream and I was placed in Africa.


I had a dream in the summer or early fall in 1994 that God placed me what appeared to be Africa.  I remember standing in a field and I could see many black people running extremely fast through the fields and woods.  I could see as if others were running after them to kill them.
I could hear their feet pounding so quickly as they passed by me and I could hear the grass movement.  I even could hear their panic and breathlessness.
I knew I was in a place I knew nothing about. I remember asking them what is going on but they had no time to explain they kept on running.  the witnessing of  the people running for their lives was horrifying.  Dream ended  I wrote in my journal ( I knew this dream was for a great purpose.
Later I found out about the killing sprees on a Christian T.V. channel.  they showed images of the mass murders that took place and bodies young and old everywhere.)

Immaculee ,  I did not know when your people were being slaughtered and raped and villages burned down took place.  I read in a church magazine in 2008 "Your Story"  how it began in April 1994. It's when Blessed Mary's Image left the main wall onto ALL four walls.  There were so many I couldn't begin to count them.  her image lasted daily for almost 2 years until my son , a toddler accidently broke her (my statue) She knew I had gotten the message. 

 So Immaculee, somewhere across the world in a small town, in U.S.A. a housewife age 30 years old was praying for our world on her rosary beads as you were holding and praying on your precious rosary beads the whole time during the genocide in constant prayer to Our Lord.
I too was praying more and more each day.  I learned to appreciate my rosary, love my holy rosary, and even sleep with my rosary.  It gives me so much strength and comfort. I kiss the crucifix daily.  I ty to tell others about the power and strength of the rosary and Divine mercy chaplet as well.
It's our connection to God himself.  
I do know Blessed Mary was with you constantly in the evil that was brought to you and your family. But she is all peace and love of her Dear Son.  She is comforting many of the victims in this genocide that had taken place and she is praying for our World to know and love her Son Jesus.
God Bless,
Lori Foster

NOTE: on May 30, 2013 only one month after I had written "Immaculee"s  Letter"  I watched the documentary of the War in Rwanda, Africa.  I found out "The Feast Day of Our Lady of Kibeho, in Africa is on NOVEMBER 28TH.
I believe that is why Blessed Mary's image LEFT my wall onto another on APRIL 28, 1994. 

note: I have given you Immaculee's letter the way I had written it. I wanted to mention Blessed Mary's Image from my statue, began to appear on ONE wall only beginning Mar. 1, 1994 , on   the same wall the crucifix was on .  Her image LEFT the wall onto another on April 28th , 1994 (two images only)  and soon after , her image would appear on ALL FOUR walls. 

The Rwanda , genocide began on April 7, 1994 and ended in July, 1994 

May my story give you some inspiration of Our Lord.
  In "My Conversion" I stated that I could have never have picked up that pen that day  without my conversion. I could have never been inspired to write " Army of Prayer and Rosary" two years after my conversion.

Thank you for listening to "My Story"  I will pray for ALL THOSE EMBRACING THE CROSS OF JESUS ! Please know Immacullee has yet to receive her letter !
I pray that she receives it one day +++

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