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I Am With You My Lord

I Am With You My Lord / short story embraceholycross.com

Where Are You Lord ?

Where Are You Lord ? short story on embraceholycross.com

The Small Wooden Cross / True Story

Grandma , I want a cross
Do you think Grandpa
can make me one?

Well, you have to leave
tomorrow , I don't know
if Grandpa will have time.

Grandma, decides to
get herself
ready , and tells her
grandson that they
are leaving for town.

I am going to buy
you a cross , grandma
says to her grandson.

They go into the nice
Catholic Christian Shop.

The Grandson is very
mesmerized with all
the beautiful sacramentals
and books.

He points out a book near
him and looks at the beautiful
picture of Jesus Crowned
with thorns.

Grandma is excited with
him , however she explains
to him that it is for older
people to read.

They walk toward the
back of the store
and find small crucifixes.
They are made of thick wood,
and about 5 inches long.
The perfect size !

Grandma hands her
grandson the wooden
crucifix, and he
says " This is making
me feel warm inside."

The store owner overheard
him and thought that
was the sweetest thing !

They begin to pay at the counter
and The store owner hands
the boy a long silver chain

Grandma places it around his head
and it fit perfectly!
The store owner scrambles
through her drawer and
places a silver crucifix on
the chain.

Grandma places the necklace
around her grandson and he smiled
and said "This makes me feel
The store owner was so very
happy and the little boy
stole her heart !

The grandson lives a few hours
away from his grandparents and
he often goes to Mass when
he visits.

The grandson mentions how he
wants to go to Church again.

Grandma often attends an evening
Mass and asked if he wanted to go
with her.
The grandson replied , Yes !

They are driving home and
the little boy says "Look
up in the sky , Grandma !"

The sun was beaming
through the clouds and
the boy said that it looks
like God breaking through
the clouds !

They arrive back to grandma's
house and the little boy climbs
out of the car and
points his new wooden
crucifix up  towards the sky !
He  yells out "I have the
armor of God !"
Grandma simply laughs
and says " yes !  that is right,
you do have God's  armor !"

It was getting close for the
evening Mass and
They arrived a little early.
explains to her grandson about
the fourteen stations of the cross
that are hung on both sides
of the church.

The grandson was listening to
the scriptures and prayers of the
Mass and he kept looking at his
cross necklace.

He knew enough that when the bells
ring during the consecration of the
Holy Eucharist it is close to
receiving Christ Body and His

Grandma reminds her grandson
to Cross his arms over his chest
when he  goes
forward . The priest will know
to give him a blessing
and it shows
that he hasn't made his
first holy communion yet.

After Mass was over the
boy genuflected towards
the  front of church in making
the sign of cross.

Grandma and her grandson
blessed themselves
with holy water as they left the
They were both blessed
by Jesus !

NOTE: The storeowner showed the grandson two different crucifixes.
One of the crosses was the Holy Trinity ( God the Father, Son  Jesus on the Cross, and the Dove at the top for Holy spirit.)  The other cross was of Jesus on the cross with the sign  INRI meaning : Jesus King of the Jews.)  The grandson gave a simple and wonderful answer , quote " I like them both equal ."


  Dear ones,
I am proud to say this is me and my eight year old grandson !
  He truly stole my heart !
If you haven't yet made your " First Holy Communion " and you are yearning to receive
Christ in this Holy Sacrament , you will be blessed every time you attend
Mass.   We are blessed every time we are  listening to the Words of Christ and follow along in the  prayers.
The Priest will give you a special blessing if you go FORWARD with
your arms crossed in front of you.  You simply walk in line towards the front , and you will be blessed. You do not have to say anything during the blessing, however you may make the sign of the cross after your blessing. 

 You can bless yourself in making the SIGN OF THE CROSS  with Holy Water when you enter church and when you leave church.  The holy water REMINDS us of our baptism. (Anybody can bless themselves with Holy Water , even if you have not been baptized yet !)
If you are wanting to RECEIVE CHRIST GIFT of baptism , simply speak with a priest after church and he will LEAD YOU THE WAY !
May Jesus Bless You On This Christmas Day !

NOTE: At the end of Mass the priest gives us our Blessing in the Name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit ! EVERYONE GETS BLESSED !
You may genuflect before you enter the pew in making the sign of the cross and after you leave your pew when Mass has ended. ( genuflect is bending one knee towards the altar .) Genuflecting is showing reverence to Christ at his altar and departing ourselves from his altar as well.
We will be blessed every time we show reverence to Christ Altar for it is Him who HAS MADE HIMSELF PRESENT TO US IN THE MOST SACRED HOLY EUCHARIST OR COMMUNION ! ) John Chapter 6 states that in Christ Holy Word ! BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN by Jesus disciple St. John .
Christ is Present to Us in the Most Holy Tabernacle . The Consecrated Host of God is ALWAYS PRESENT. We enter into church in showing reverence TOWARDS THE TABERNACLE  AND ARE BLESSED.  
May Our Lord Bless You !

My Gift For Jesus

 ***My Gift For Jesus (story) Dec. 2017

God Bless , 
Lori Foster

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The Day of Japan's Tsunami

Dear One's
I am writing to you about another given sign God has granted to me.
On March 11, 2011 , The day of Japan's  Tsunami, I was given another
sign from Our Dear Lord.
I was sending my two children off on the bus, and I looked over at the wall my T.V. is on, and I could see one large cross appear about two feet tall.
We were watching the horrible Tsunami, taking place on the morning news.
I mentioned it to my husband that  I had just seen a large cross form , however he did not see it. 
I have been able to see large crosses appear over on or beside that wall on
other occasions.
One of the times was on Aug. 23, 2009,  during the drawing of Jesus from my son. As he was sitting at my dining room table I could see a large cross form and I mentioned it to him as he was drawing my
vision of Jesus Crucified ; the image now called "Embrace the Cross."
I am the only one who has been allowed to see the large crosses.

That evening of the Tsunami,  I went to the stations of the cross at my church.
Around 10:00 p.m. I was doing the Embrace the Cross prayer method in front of
my crucifix in my dining room that is 14 inches tall.  My dining room is connected to my living room where I have seen the large crosses form. )  I was making my five crosses and my given kiss towards the crucifix in my dining room with my hand . I looked over to my right, and  another large cross formed on the wall where my T.V. is on .  The large cross that formed was about 3 feet tall .
When I see the large crosses they only appear for a split second and are a bright white glowing color.  
Please know, I have been allowed to see the Large Crosses form only on a few occasions and only on my living room wall.  I haven't seen any Large Crosses form for at least two years now, however the crosses are still  appearing  around my crucifixes daily and MORE appear during prayer and rosary .  The crosses that appear are more than one at a time.  The crosses move very rapidly and move all around the crucifix.  Keep on praying dear one's !

On June 13, 2011, I had another dream that Jesus was holding a lamb on his shoulders and He was looking up the sky up to Heaven end of dream  
Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
Jesus is  our shepherd and we are his lambs.  He is holding each of us. He knows us and embraces us always. 

Boy Jesus Lost In The Temple  / 2-28-17

My Given Dreams , by Lori Foster /9-28-2017

( May we try our best to go to Mass on Sat. evening Vigil or Sunday Mass , or your Church Services.)  If one is unable to attend a church service , may you  try to view  Mass or a Church service on your T.V. or listen to a Service on your radio or internet.
God Is With Us  in All His Love and His Peace !

Lori Foster's Story / My Letter to Immaculle

Dear One's
I have a STORY TO TELL..I have been waiting for many years to have the opportunity to  speak about "My Story" . I have been waiting for someone to give me approval to speak out to what I have to say.  Blessed Mary is telling me " LORI IT HAS TO COME FROM YOU , FOR IT'S YOUR STORY." ONLY YOU CAN TELL YOUR OWN STORY."   My story goes back to Jan. 17 , 1994 the "Day of the California Earthquake" .  I have already given to you "My Conversion in 1992" found underneath "My Favorites" / link :
***(My Given Dreams , by Lori Foster.)

Here are some writings taken from my Journal. My first page is written on my 2nd grade daughters
preschool paper with diamonds , circles, and squares around it.
On Jan. 17th 1994, the Day of the California Earthquake, I saw on the morning news that
took so many peoples lives. 
That afternoon, I sat down at my kitchen table and was inspired to write "Army of Prayer and Rosary."  Uniting All people in prayer to Our Lord, Jesus . I began writing at 1:00 p.m. to
1:00 a.m.  Please remember I had four children ages 8, 6, 4, and 2 that I had to attend to.
That night when I went to bed ,  I was pondering on "The Army of Prayer and Rosary".
I was sitting up in bed and said these simple words, "Dear Lord and Blessed Mary is this
is what you are wanting me to do ?"  
Suddenly , a glow began to form from a large wreath we had  hanging on a wall .  The wreath was directly in front of our bed.  The glow continued to form very slowly. It 's white glow would
get larger than smaller repeating several times. I woke up my husband to see if he could figure it out but neither of us could.  My husband walked over to the glowing light and raised
his hand up to it, and the glow disappeared.  We have never seen the glow again.
I told my husband "I believe that was a sign from God and Mary !" I continued in telling him
that I had just asked for a sign . I explained to him about what I had been writing and about
the "Army of Prayer and Rosary."
Dear One's , you may view what I had written on this link:

***Army of Prayer and Rosary / 09-27-2016 ( The given times are extended) 
To continue "My Story" I began writing many forms to my family and friends and
neighbors. This Army was to begin on Mar. 1, 1994.
 On Feb. 11, 12, and 13th I decided to place an article in the  Newspaper. 
this is what I wrote :  Army of Prayer , People in Christ, we must pray for Our World.
Make a commitment  form (I will pray or say rosary every Tues., Thurs., Sat. for 15 mins.
If I miss a day I will try to pray the next given day.  I will renew my signature every March, add new names who joined. Must ask Our Lord, Blessed Mary for Help In Our World. Will begin March 1, 1994.  (I still have that newspaper article in my journals)

On Feb. 12th ( the second day of my placed newspaper article ) it was on a Saturday morning my husband got up at 6:30 a.m. to go to work.  I  rolled over to go back to sleep, however I looked at my wall with our crucifix on it , and Suddenly crosses started appearing all over the wall. They were appearing everywhere !  The crosses are the same size as the crucifix and a yellowish glowing color.(That very cross is the cross I mention falling to my knees to in "My Conversion" two years prior. 

I called Brad in our bedroom and He could see them appear also. We were extremely amazed for we knew we were witnessing an act from God. I then told my husband about the article I had just put in the Newspaper. ( The next day we went to a local priest whom blessed our crucifix and I told him "My Story" in tears. My priest was very kind and he told me this is a sign given to you for your mission.  I was thinking to myself "A mission?"  It terrified me, but I knew
I had to go with God's Plan he was asking of me.( please note: The priest came to our home and did a house blessing . )  The crosses never did go away and has continued to appear around
all our crucifixes in our home. They are still appearing to this day.
NOTE: The SIGNS I have  been allowed to visually see are not to place fear upon anyone.
The CROSSES are very PEACFUL and BEAUTIFUL .   I do not take them for granted and I hope "MY STORY" can bring forth PEACE & STRENGTH .  MAY OUR LORD GRANT YOU HIS BLESSINGS ALL OF YOUR DAYS.  I pray for ALL whom are Embracing The Cross of Our Lord ,  Lori Foster (My priest know about my writings and the signs I have been given.  They are receiving of what I have presented to them . Praying and  attending Mass has been my ultimate strength throughout my given Mission for Our Lord.  
I began working on "The Army of Prayer and Rosary" in sending out forms to both my side of the family and my husbands. I was trying to gather as many people possible before March 1, 1994.
I decided to move my Blessed Mary's statue that was placed on my bedroom dresser , against the wall  my crucifix was on.
I thought it would be best if Blessed Mary ,  would be underneath Jesus crucifix.
Suddenly , Blessed Mary's image began to appear on the wall the same as the crosses did.
I was extremely amazed !  I must tell you more of the crosses and Blessed Mary's image
appear during prayer and rosary. Blessed Mary's image was the same size as the
statue, and a glowing white color. The same as the crosses. Some family members and friends came to visit our home and were able to see the crosses form. Some people could see Blessed Mary's image form as well.  Please note: the crosses and Blessed Mary's image remained on one wall only; the wall with the crucifix.  The image of Blessed Mary,  did not leave the wall onto other walls , however that will soon change.

On April 28th 1994, I was praying my rosary in my bedroom and Blessed Mary's image and the crosses were appearing as they have been, however Blessed Mary's image LEFT THE WALL
onto another wall.  In my journal I wrote that TWO of her images appeared onto another wall.
Soon after during prayer , her image would appear on ALL FOUR WALLS.  ( please know I was the only one who could see her image LEAVE THE MAIN WALL THAT THE CRUCIFIX WAS ON.  ( Please know I have went to my priest every STEP OF THE WAY)

Dear One's the writings I have just told you were also written in  "My Thirteen page letter"
that I had mentioned on this Link:
***(In The name of Jesus / 9-13-2017)
( please note: AFTER I had written the 13 page letter I was given the dream of a very large city. 
My Given Dream in a large city / 7-6-2017
In the late Summer of 1994 or Early fall , I was given my First Spiritual Dream or Vision "My Dream in Africa. 
Please know (I keep this letter I am about to give to you in my heart. I ask you to receive it most gently in yours.


I Received your book "Left to Tell" on my doorstep from my son's  girlfriend . I read it on April 2 and finished April 4th. I then decided to write to Immaculee , as if I were telling it to her.

April 4, 2013,
Dear Immaculee,
I have read your story  and I wish I could hug you right now and kiss your cheeks. I needed to read your book for it's been past do to do so.  I am sorry from the depth of my soul what you had to undergo and what your family had to face and endure , before their lives were taken to God.  Please know Blessed Mary was constantly with all of your people.  Her sorrow was great and she never left you nor your loved ones.

Dear One , Blessed Mary's Image was appearing many all over my bedroom walls beginning
March 1, 1994 and I didn't quite understand why.  I only knew it was urgent and very important. Crosses began appearing in my home around my crucifixes since Feb. 12, 1994. daily and still are.
Her image of the statue that was against the same wall would appear on the wall the crucifix was on.  I had been trying to tell others the importance of prayer and rosary. 
On April 28, 1994  Blessed Mary's image LEFT the main wall onto a different wall in my bedroom.
Soon many appeared on ALL four walls of all sizes. The images were extremely bright and actually stayed on the wall for a few seconds, then reappear again and again.  I was the only one who could see them leave the wall , for some people could see her image on the wall of the crucifix.  Meanwhile the crucifix was having crosses appear around it at the same time !

 Immaculee, I did not know what was going on in your country at that time.
I remember being on a boat, and  my father-in-law commenting on the killings in Africa how horrible it was.  But I knew very little until the genocide was over. Here I was a housewife , mother of four children having a good time as it should be and across the world mothers and fathers were fleeing running to hide with their children from evil people, who were on a killing spree.
The image of Blessed Mary was appearing during prayer and rosary and  I kept praying.
God did give me a dream and I was placed in Africa.


I had a dream in the summer or early fall in 1994 that God placed me what appeared to be in Africa.  I remember standing in a field and I could see many black people running extremely fast through the fields and woods.  I could see as if others were running after them to kill them.
I could hear their feet pounding so quickly as they passed by me and I could hear the grass movement.  I even could hear their panic and breathlessness.
I knew I was in a place I knew nothing about. I remember asking them what is going on but they had no time to explain they kept on running.  the witnessing of  the people running for their lives was horrifying.  Dream ended  I wrote in my journal ( I knew this dream was for a great purpose.
Later I found out about the killing sprees on a Christian T.V. channel.  they showed images of the mass murders that took place and bodies young and old everywhere.)

Immaculee ,  I did not know when your people were being slaughtered and raped and villages burned down took place.  I read in a church magazine in 2008 "Your Story"  how it began in April 1994. It's when Blessed Mary's Image left the main wall onto ALL four walls.  There were so many I couldn't begin to count them.  her image lasted daily for almost 2 years until my son , a toddler accidently broke her (my statue) She knew I had gotten the message. 

 So Immaculee, somewhere across the world in a small town, in U.S.A. a housewife age 30 years old was praying for our world on her rosary beads as you were holding and praying on your precious rosary beads the whole time during the genocide in constant prayer to Our Lord.
I too was praying more and more each day.  I learned to appreciate my rosary, love my holy rosary, and even sleep with my rosary.  It gives me so much strength and comfort. I kiss the crucifix daily.  I try to tell others about the power and strength of the rosary and Divine mercy chaplet as well.
It's our connection to God himself.  
I do know Blessed Mary was with you constantly in the evil that was brought to you and your family. But she is all peace and love of her Dear Son.  She is comforting many of the victims in this genocide that had taken place and she is praying for our World to know and love her Son Jesus.
God Bless,
Lori Foster

NOTE: on May 30, 2013 only one month after I had written "Immaculee"s  Letter"  I watched the documentary of the War in Rwanda, Africa.  I found out "The Feast Day of Our Lady of Kibeho, in Africa is on NOVEMBER 28TH.
I believe that is why Blessed Mary's image LEFT my wall onto another on APRIL 28, 1994. 

note: I have given you Immaculee's letter the way I had written it. I wanted to mention Blessed Mary's Image from my statue, began to appear on ONE wall only beginning Mar. 1, 1994 , on   the same wall the crucifix was on .  Her image LEFT the wall onto another on April 28th , 1994 (two images only)  and soon after , her image would appear on ALL FOUR walls. 

The Rwanda , genocide began on April 7, 1994 and ended in July, 1994 

May my story give you some inspiration of Our Lord.
  In "My Conversion" I stated that I could have never have picked up that pen that day  without my conversion. I could have never been inspired to write " Army of Prayer and Rosary" two years after my conversion.

Thank you for listening to "My Story"  I will pray for ALL THOSE EMBRACING THE CROSS OF JESUS ! Please know Immacullee has yet to receive her letter !
I pray that she receives it one day +++

IT'S EVERYONE'S WORLD / poem / 10-9-2017

Embrace The Cross / began on Feb.5, 2008 (prayer method) +++

***THE PASSION OF CHRIST / 12-16-2017

***We Found Love / you will love this video ! 9-7-2017

***I Will Carry You /12-08-2017  ( Dear One's , this is a story that helps brings forth the strength of Our Lord. I hold onto this story  at all times. It reminds me to take Jesus hand and never let go !  May We Place Our Trust In Jesus in our daily lives and our UNKNOWN paths. 

Wordless (song) 5-22-2017

By Your Side (song) 10-2017

All I am asking for 10-2017 / May nothing come in between of you and Jesus , he knows our love is fragile.  May we place ourselves into His Sacred Heart !

Everything (song) 10-2017

Hanging by a Moment (song) 10-2017

Miracles , by Kari Jobe (song) 5-11-2017

   ***The Heavens Are Weeping / 5-17-2017

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Dear One's , I have placed a message underneath the short
film " I'm Fine" click on:
"Why do They Persecute My Son"
may you read what I have written
and keep in mind, even if your child is not being bullied, they still

Would You Recognize Me ?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Dec. 12 th is "The Feast Day of Our lady of Quadalupe

Dec. 12th is The Feast Day of Our lady of Quadalupe

You will find video's provided !

Would You Recognize Me ?

You say that you know
Would you recognize Me ?

I am in the EYES of a helpless
When you look into the eye's
of a child ,
you see MY EYES .

Oh Lord , Yes I would
recognize you !

Do you see me in the eyes of
a lonely teen whom needs
spoken to and heard ?


But Lord , they are not you !


My eyes are in your sons
and daughters !

My holiness wants to dwell
within them. But it is up
to the parents to help guide
them to my narrow path.

Are you doing the hard work
and making the right choices
in their daily lives ?

Are you giving correction in
a loving , positive and yet firm way?

 Are you ignoring your child's
needs of understanding and
simply becoming your
 child's friend ?

Do you still say you know Me
and recognize Me?

Look in your own daily lives
and see who is missing out !
See who are becoming

If you ignore them , then
I will ask you - Why did

Why Do They Persecute My Son / 12-11-2017

Embracing A Child
The Complete story of Embracing A Child you can find on 
this link:
My Given Dreams , by Lori Foster 9-28-17

The Bully Project Trailer ( May God Bless You )

SUNRISE , (Bullying Song Offical Video)

Where Ever You Will Go , by Charlene Soraia / Christ is with US in our HIGHS and our LOWS



Why Do They Persecute My Son

Why Do They Persecute My Son 5-2-2016
Please watch the video beneath the written story
Thank you , Lori

Would You Recognize Me ? short story 12-11-17

Sunrise by Our Last Night (acoustic)

Sunrise , by Our Last Night Band (lyrics) 8-17-2016

Where Ever You Will Go , 12-11-2017

The Bully Project Trailer

I'm Truly Sorry (short bullying movie)

I'm  Fine / short film    Note:  Please view this film and I believe the first mistake
the Mother had made was that she should have asked her daughter "What's Wrong?
One can see in your child's body language , voice, and no eye contact that something is probably bothering them.  If your child
says "Whatever !  that's a   double sign that something is bothering  them. "  It's our job
to go OVER TO THEM , PLACE OUR HANDS ON THEIR SHOULDERS, AND LOOK STRAIGHT IN THEIR EYES AND ASK THEM "WHATS WRONG AND I WANT TO HELP ."  Then it gives an open invitation to your child in them  telling themselves ,that maybe they should tell their parent or parents. If your child does not open up to you right away, be very patient and keep your interest on their well being.  EYE CONTACT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT WHILE YOU ARE TALKING TO THEM AND TOUCHING  IN SOME WAY WITH A HUG OR PLACING YOUR HANDS ON THEIR SHOULDERS.  THEY WILL BE MORE WILLING TO OPEN UP TO YOU WITH WARMTH AND NOT WITH FEAR. 

 Sunrise , by Our Last Night (official bully video song)

Dear One's ,  I was viewing a short segment on the News this morning
about a young boy being bullied.  I only saw the preview and it was 
enough !
The young boy was probably in middle school and he was in the car
with his parent.  The parent is filming him on video and he is
crying out to her.  I only could view one sentence of him and I heard
him speaking about having no friends.  I could not view it any longer.
I am crying as I am typing this message.
I was able to change the channel to view it no longer, however
"Why do they Persecute My Son"provided link above/
Thank you so much

This is a quote from a father who lost his son due to bullying.
please view  his message on the video beneath the written story "Why do they persecute
My Son"  called " The Bully Project Trailer

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Hymn to Our Lady of Quadulupe


Dear One's  Today Dec. 12 th is the "Feast Day of Our Lady of Quadalupe"
It was the day in 1531 , the Blessed Mother appeared in Mexico to a 57 year old
peasant named Juan Diego.  Juan Diego was walking near what is now
New Mexico City  ( Tepeyac Hill) when he came upon an apparition of a "Maiden"  whom he soon came to recognize as the Virgin Mary. In trying to convince the archbishop of what he had seen,
Juan Diego eventually was asked for a sign to prove what he had seen.
Upon returning to Mary and sharing this with her, Juan Diego was instructed to climb
to the top of the hill to gather flowers to bring back to the bishop.
Reaching the crest of the hill , Juan Diego found Castilian roses, which were
neither in season nor native to the region  The Blessed Mother arranged the
flowers herself in Juan's tilma ( a burlap-type cloak) and instructed him to open
the cloak only upon return to the bishop. When Juan Diego arrived back at the
bishop's residence and opened his cloak, the flowers fell to
the floor and left on the surface of the tilma (cloak) was the image that's come
to be known as "Our Lady of Quadalupe".

***The ribbon around her  waist in the Image signified " Child in the womb"
Blessed Mary , Our Lady of Quadalupe, Mother of Peace, we love you
Pray for US .

Dear my sisters and brothers in Christ,
I wish to tell you a very neat dream given to me on Sept. 23, 2009 
I was looking out of my kitchen window up in the sky.
Suddenly I could see and image of Our Blessed Mary forming
in the sky.  I could see nothing but Blessed Mary's veil forming
in the sky, then her faced formed. Her image was all in a glowing
color like gold  all around her image.
 I could see her face looking down and very peaceful.
I  could only see her from the neck up. My oldest daughter was standing
beside me and I was telling her what I was seeing in the sky !
then the dream ended. ( The dream was very beautiful & peaceful)
After the given dream I remember seeing her image and I knew it
looked familiar . The next day was my youngest child Isaac's 6th birthday
and as we were singing happy birthday I was looking at our picture of
Our Lady of Quadalupe we have hanging  on our kitchen wall.
That was the image , that was given to me  in my dream,
however my picture has her complete
body and  in the dream I could only see her from the neck up .
I loved this dream. 

Note: I further wrote in my journal on Sept. 24th after my son's
birthday. Here is what I had written:
I could see this very bright golden  arch , then Blessed Mary's  image
appeared . The gold were the rays from around her face to her
In the complete image of Our Lady of Quadalupe
 ( Blessed Mary is with  the child  Jesus in her womb)
The ribbon around her waist signifies woman with child. 
AND A  JOYFUL AND HAPPY NEW YEAR ! with my love, Lori Foster
May we turn our nightlights on !

Real / 7-19-2017****

Hymn to Our Lady of Quadalupe / Dec. 10, 2017

My Gift For Jesus / 12-2017

Embracing A Child / story   If you wish to read the rest of the story of "Embracing a Child" of how baby Jesus begins to sing at a Christmas gathering please go to link "Embracing a child on:
My Given Dreams   by Lori Foster 9-28-2017

Why Do We Venerate Blessed Mary 11-2017

Why Do They Persecute My Son 12-11-2017

The Heavens Are Weeping  5-17-17

 Who Are you  11-2017

 Prince of Heaven 11-2017

Son of God , The Cross  04-2017

Friday, December 8, 2017

My Gift for Jesus

Mama !  Papa ! Tell us about
Christmas !
Alright my child , We can do better
than that , we will show you
Christmas !

Before we leave to go in town
I want you and your brother
to go upstairs
in your bedrooms
and find a gift you would
like to give to baby Jesus !

What !  We are going to see
Jesus ?  Well , let me explain !
Your Father and I are going to
take you and your brother to
see a "Live Christmas Scene"
of the Nativity.

Remember the nativity is the
Birth of Jesus , and
 Blessed Mary
is Jesus mother, and Joseph is his
father .
A " Live Christmas Scene " are
people dressed up like Blessed
Mary, Joseph, and the wise men.
There will probably be a real baby
in the manger !

Ok !  we will find our presents
for Jesus !
Be sure not to show me nor
your father your gifts , we  want to be
surprised !

We enter into our town and
we can see the "Live Nativity Scene"
in the distance.

The night is cold and the stars above
are shining in the dark skies.

We arrive to the  "Live Nativity Scene"
and it was amazing !
The structure was made of wood and
straw was all around the ground.
There was a live cow and two sheep,
and even a real  donkey !

I look over to the out side of
the stable and there was even
a shepherd boy standing with his staff !

The "Live Nativity " was awesome !
The only lights inside the
stable were lanterns. And there
was an Angel standing with
a harp !

Every one in the  "Nativity Scene"
were dressed wonderfully !

I asked my mother "What about
baby Jesus ?"
Is there a baby in the manger ?
Suddenly we heard a tiny cry
and my question was answered.

As we arrived closer to the stable,
there was a bonfire to help keep
baby Jesus warm.  We could hear
soft Christmas music playing
in the background.

The line of the people was beginning
to grow and my family preceded
to get in line to see the "Live Nativity

As the line was moving forward
I noticed people were placing gifts
near the manger.
Some people had sacks of
food that was placed in a
cardboard box.

I tugged on my mama's coat and asked
"Who are those three men standing
next to Jesus holding shiny gold
things in their hands?

She explained to me that they were
the three wise men that traveled
far and followed the star in the sky.
The star helped them find where
Jesus was after he was born.
She further explained how
they gave baby Jesus, some
gold, frankincense and
myrrh an oil . They were
expensive gifts for Jesus.

I thought about my gift that
I brought for Jesus, and I was
wondering if it would be
good enough.

The line kept moving forward
and I could see a
 little old woman ,
 presenting her gift to Jesus.
She unfolded a blanket and
spoke humbly " I have been
saving this for you for months.
I made it myself."  She placed
the blanket inside the manger
to keep baby Jesus warm.

Now it was our families turn
and I was getting a little
nervous.  My parents
placed their gifts of
food and paper goods in
the card board box written
on the front
 " For Families In

My little brother went up to
the manger with his gift
 inside of his wrinkled
sack he had been holding.
He pulled out his
silky blue pillow that he
was very  attached to.
My parents with a surprised look ,
as my little brother placed his pillow
in the manger.
 The pillow was gently placed underneath
baby Jesus head with the help of the
man dressed as Joseph.

Now it was my turn and I
slowly pull my gift out from
my coat pocket. It was my holy
rosary that my grandmother  made
for my birthday .
The color was blue and I thought
baby Jesus would love it !

I walked up to the manger
and looked at the baby Jesus.
I glanced up to the woman
dressed as  Blessed Mary.
She gave me a nod with
  a warm gentle smile .

I looked at baby Jesus with
a smile and
touched his tiny warm hands.

I walked over to Mary,
and placed my blue rosary in
her hands.
She looked at my gift and
tear drops fell from her cheeks.

I whispered in her ear in saying
" When baby Jesus grows up
can you give this to him ?"

The woman dressed as
Blessed Mary , looked down
upon me and smiled.
She whispered back in saying
"I will and thank you my
child , Merry Christmas !
Warm wishes , by Lori


Christmas songs below: (May you have a Merry and Blessed Christmas !  with my love, Lori)

Luke Ch. 2 Verses 8-20 ( An Angel of the Lord appeared to them, and God's
Glory shone around them and they were terrified, but the Angel said to
them "Do not be afraid I bring you news of great joy that will be for
all people !  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to
you he is Christ the Lord.  This will be a sign to you. You will find
a baby wrapped in clothes and lying in a manger.
Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared
with the Angel , praising God and saying "Glory to God in the Highest,
and on Earth peace to men of good will !

A Christmas Message / 12-2016

Words in Songs of Prayer in Holy Mass 7-2016

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O Holy Night , by Carrie Underwood / 12-2017

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Silent Night , by Faith Hill /12-2017

I Will Carry You / Story

The Weight is heavy on my shoulders
and I keep carrying my heavy load.

I can see in the distance , a large
hill and I must keep going
I look to my right and all
I can see is deep snow.
I look to my left and the
darkness of mud is ever so

How can I carry this heavy load
through it all ?
I am standing all alone.
I feel helpless and I ask myself
where do I begin ?

What direction am I to go
and will I make it to the
other side ?

I carry my heavy load on top
of my shoulders.
I move forward in the direction
of the deep snow.
I am afraid my load will be
too heavy and I must not
let it go !

I precede to step forward
onto paths unknown.

My heavy load that I am
carrying is weighing
me down and making
me weak.

The snow becomes deeper and
I feel I must turn back around.
I feel cold, uncertain, and
beside myself.

I am  walking on the snowy path and
I look down towards the ground.
I fall to my knees and begin
to sob.

I cry out to the heavens
"I don't know if I can make it !"
I can't carry this load
by myself !"

I cry some more with my
load on my shoulders
and the snow beneath
my feet.

Suddenly , the snow begins
to fall down upon my face
and I find myself fully
covered in snow.

I manage to pull myself up
and try to step forward.

Tears keep flowing down
my face and fear begins to
set in.

Suddenly, I can see in the
distance a figure of a person.
This person is walking on
the same path. .He has a heavy
white cloak on and seems to
be walking  with a staff
in his hand.

The snow keeps falling
upon me and the path is
getting deeper.

I must not lose sight of
this person and I must
keep following
his staff.

I yell out to the person
on the path of snow , however
I received no answer !

I keep struggling to keep
up and I can barely see
his staff.

I am finding myself getting
weaker and at this point I know
I will be lost.

I begin to let go some of my
load from my shoulders
and it allowed me to go

I can still see the staff
in the distance ahead
of me !

Finally , I reach the
person in the heavy white
cloak. It was a man
and his staff seemed
so strong !

I yell out to the man
"Please, sir , will you
kindly lead me the way ?

The man turns to me
and  speaks "First you
must let go of your load
you are carrying."

But sir , I need to carry
these things for they
belong to me !

The man speaks again
"NO , my child the load 
is to heavy to carry

The man seemed to be
wise , therefore I did
as he asked of me

He began to go forward in
the heavy snow and
I followed him.

The snow was getting heavier
and much harder to walk

I began slowing down
with tears flowing
down my cold cheeks.

The man went over to me
and asked me a question
"Are you still holding on
to your heavy load , 
my child ?"

No ! I left it behind !

He looked peacefully
down upon me in saying
"Don't ever carry that
load again, and never
look back!"

But sir, those things
were very difficult
to leave behind !

He spoke again
"Do you  wish to go forward ?

Yes  Sir, I do and I must !

I looked up into the
man's eyes and they
pierced my soul.

I knew instantly the man
was my Lord Jesus !

I spoke ever so meekly to
the man "You are my Lord !"
How is it that you would
meet me out on this
lonely path ?"

The Lord said, "It is in
your loneliness where
I will find you and I
am near."

He looked down upon me
and said "Do You Trust Me?"

Yes , Lord I trust in you !

Then take my hand and follow me.

To my amazement ! My Lord lifted me out
of the heavy path that was weighing
me down.

My Lord reminded me to
never carry that  heavy
load again
and never look back. 

I held onto Jesus hand
with his strong staff
in his other.
TOGETHER we walked
through the storm.

We climbed many hills
and I never let go of
my Lord !

We finally made
it to the other side
of the snowy hill.

I knew I had to let go
of our Lords  beautiful and
strong hand and
say good-bye.

I asked Jesus
Who will carry my load
I left behind ?

Jesus spoke "I will be the
one who carries your
heavy load.  I will 
pick up ALL the 
broken pieces and
put them where they
need to be.

But my Lord !  I had
important things I was
carrying !

Jesus spoke " I know
and what is important
to you , is important
to me !

note:" My Gift For Jesus " story is below.

Lead Me to the Cross (song)

Where Feet may fail (song)

MY GIFT FOR JESUS / 12-2017 (story)

He'll Carry You , by Hilary Weeks

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Dear Ones,
Christ often speaks to us in our quite times alone.
He allows us to think about our lives and
where we are heading.
In a story I had written called
The Mud and Two Sticks ( on embraceholycross.com)
The weight of the mud is our sins and ignoring
the consequences .
Jesus knows when we are missing out of his
own desire for us and our families.
God weeps when he longs for us to pay
attention to him .
Jesus desires for us to receive him in our
daily lives and  our needs.
He provides us with his Holy Cross and
is constantly telling us to
Our sins can allow us to become
broken, depressed, and lonely.
Remember always, when we attend
our church services provided for us,
on Saturday evening's vigil Mass or
Sunday's services,  we become uplifted !
The mud or sins become like
white linen cloth.
We become clean, soft, and healed
spiritually, emotionally, and often
May we place the Cross or Crucifix of
Jesus in our homes !
May we place  crosses in all of our bedrooms !
If one wishes you may pin a cross or crucifix to
your pillow or bedsheet.
Place a crucifix, rosary , near your bedside
for peace and comfort.
Simply holding Jesus cross in your
hand will give you strength.
 Your Guardian Angels candle will
 remain lit and the flame 
of our Lord's love will always be 
your light.
May peace be given,  love Lori Foster 

A Text Message from God for you
Wordless 5-3-17
In God We Trust (song)
Trust in My Love for I am Near You (short story) 9-9-2017
My Love for You will Never Be Shaken 
Quotes from Saint Mother Teresa 






Oh Dear People of California ,
The world is praying for YOU !
May Our Lord calm the storms of 
fire !  May help be given to
ALL the firefighters !
May care be given for ALL
in great need !

*** My Love for you will  Never be Shaken  / Sept. 2017
***Breath of Heaven / Nov. 2017
***In God We Trust / Sept. 2017
***Quotes from Mother Teresa 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Dec. 8 th. The Immaculate Conception of Blessed Mary's Birth

Dear One's , December 8th is "The Immaculate Conception of Blessed Mary's Birth "
May you go to a vigil Mass ( the evening before the 8th or attend Mass on the 8th)
May you view the video's provided.
***The Immaculate Conception of Blessed  Mary's Birth