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Army of prayer and Rosary/**********  posted Sept. 27, 2016./ on this post you will find "The Divine Mercy Prayer" for Embrace the Cross on Fridays, 5th of the Month, Holidays, and Special days ect....


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__________________ROE V WADE , JAN. 22, 1973 __________________

Friday's Reflection 1-18 / go to message above about Friday's between the Crosses+++
Never Forsaken
Open Heaven (River Wild)
Lori Foster's Story (Jan. 17th 1994)

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Martin Luther Kings Day (observed) 

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Enya In Honor of Troops Killed in Afghanistan (TOGETHER WE WILL UNITE IN PRAYER)

My Given Dream in a large City

Dear One's, I wish for you to receive a given dream I hold close to my heart, I hope you will in turn keep it close to your heart also !  

In Honor of All The Victim's and Families prayers for you ALL and may Our Lord 
Grant You His Blessings Always ! you are in my thoughts and prayers from Lori Foster

Here is my dream I received and wrote on Aug. 1996 in my journal :
     I was given a dream of great detail of a large city, in Aug. 1996. 
I was over looking a very large city such as New York City . There was water around this
city. The sky was dark. In the sky I could see in the far distance of a large image of
Blessed Mary. The image was not solid form, however I could see the outlines of her
body/veil and clothing,  and it was of golden color. I could tell by her face that she was in great sorrow. 
I was up in the sky looking at her image. Suddenly my view of the extremely large city
narrowed in on two very tall buildings. Blessed Mary's image was standing behind 
these two buildings of great sadness. Suddenly, Blessed Mary's image turned into
concrete building. Her face began to crack, and her whole body of concrete fell to the 
ground. I then could see skeletons form at the bottom of her feet. I remember seeing
skulls on the ground around her concrete feet.  Meanwhile, I am still in the sky
witnessing this event take place. Next thing I know my dream turned into day light,
and I could see a white cloud going towards many people, running in terror. 
They were scattering to get away from this large cloud that looked like dust. The
buildings , and the people were all covered of white dust.  I then was still up in the
sky witnessing all that took place, and then my body was taken away from the 

Note: I never understood why Our 
Blessed Mary was standing behind two tall buildings. I knew my vision or dream,
was in a very large city that I have never been before.  I was always in question of 
why the two tall buildings.  Thanks for reading  "My Story." God Bless , Lori Foster

NOTE: Please know at that time in Aug. 1996, I had four small children , of the ages 4,6,8, and 10.  I didn't own a computer , therefore I never did any further research of the two Tall Buildings in such a city . The morning of Sept. 11 , 2001 on the morning news,  was the first time I had heard of the twin towers.  

Dear One's, I wish to add a little more written from my journal back in 1996. After I had the above dream of  the very large city , I was given another dream. On Sept. 10, 1996
This is my dream:
I was in this old brick home across a highway, near my home. There was nobody home, so I thought. Anyway, I believe I was having some sort of car trouble and needed to use their phone.
As I was leaving this old brick home I glanced inside a bedroom. I could see a little girl with blonde hair, and she was asleep on her bed. I went out of the house and looked down the highway towards a city I grew up with , and which I loved.  To my amazement I looked up in the sky, and a very large Image of the Blessed Mary , was in the sky. The Image was a glowing color, and was extremely bright. Blessed Mary's image was glowing all around her. The image turned into Blessed Mary's body (solid form) I could see her whole body / her face.  She had very dark hair and was parted in the middle. Her face was oblong and she was very beautiful ! Her skin was a little tan. She had a white gown on with a blue veil , and was barefoot.  She came towards me very peaceful and happy. She only looked at me with a smile, but never spoke.  She went back up in the sky towards Heaven. End of my dream. 

On Sept. 11, 1996, I told my oldest daughter about my given dream, she said that their is a little girl with blonde hair that lives in that old brick home, for she rode her bus. I  wrote in my journal quote: (I believe I'll know the reason to this dream.)

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