John 8:12 "I am the light of the world."

Friday, May 25, 2018

Memorial Weekend !

Have a Safe & Blessed Memorial Weekend
May Jesus grant you His Peace and Blessings +++
May His Divine Love be placed upon you ALL !
Unity songs / 1-2017

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Pentecost Sunday !

May 20, 2018 is Pentecost Sunday ; The Birth of the Church !
May We Turn Our Nightlights On +++

John The Baptist meets Jesus / 3-2017
Jesus of Nazareth (Don't Be Afraid / 3-2017
The Ascension of Christ and Pentecost ( you will find Pentecost Acts Ch 2) / 5-2018 (scripture)
Why The Sacrament of Baptism / 2-2017
The Holy Spirit / 2-2017
Sacrament of Confirmation / 2-2017

Spirit Move / 6-8-2019
Spirit of the living God / 8-2017
Holy Spirit / 4-2017
Spirit of God / 4-2017
Soul on Fire / 4-2017
Light of the World / 4-2017
Spirit of the Living God / 5-5-2018

Don't Stop Believing , by Journey

We Are With You Texas +++

Oh Texas ,
Our Hearts are with yours .
Our Sorrow
is joined with yours for the
loss of your precious loved
May Our Lord send forth
great comfort of his own
with his peace.
May he place his mighty
arms and wrap them around
you ALL +++
May Blessed Mary place
her veil across each of
you in all her softness.
The Heavens are with
you , Our Dear Ones.

We as a People are
with you in our
thoughts and our
prayers +++

God Bless Texas +++

Breath of Heaven

Show Me

Don't Stop Believing 

One Thing Remains

Show Me by Yes ( Hug your children daily no matter what ! ) This video has a 2nd song

Friday, May 18, 2018

An Empty Soldier

My Dear Lord,
When I was a child and I would
fall , my parents would pick me
up , and place me on my
feet again.

When I was getting older
I began to discover everything
about you !

I would go to Church and
listen to the  words spoken
about you and all you gave to
your People !

There was something so
comforting about that
time period in my

My parents set the "Time"
for me in allowing me
to hear your  "Words"
 and receive you in
"The Holy Eucharist."

During Mass I would
witness children, whom
were somewhat older
than I , sing to you !

I could see thier
inspiration of wanting
to learn the prayers
and songs !

I wanted to be just like
them ' Oh Lord ,
pleasing to you !

I became a teenager
and continued on in
my obedience to you
dear Lord .

I could see "Mass"
was the most important
part in our family.

I knew without Mass
my family would never
be the same , furthermore
I would never be the
same either.

I am now in my young
adult life and off on
my own !

Oh ' how the world
seems so bright ,
vibrant, and full of

It is now up to me
to make my decision
about you Oh' Lord.

I am finding out that life
can be difficult and
so much is happening
around me.

I try to give my attention
towards my workplace,
my friends and family.

But where are you Lord
in my place ?

I will make it to you Jesus

I know the Sabbath is
near and I will truly
show up for you !

Time has passed Lord and
I simply couldn't fit you in.
Please forgive me !

I will be certain to
get to you next weekend.

Oh ' my schedule is so busy
with my friends and my workplace
is wearying me out .

I am looking forward
for my weekend plans !

I told myself I would get to
you Jesus.

Time as passed Lord and
I simply couldn't fit you in.
Please forgive me !

I will be certain to get
to you next weekend.

My Life is going well,
my job is becoming
successful and I am
meeting great people !
I am learning so much in
my career !

I am trying to build my
relationship with
somebody special !

My weekends are becoming
so full , I simply have
little time to fit you in

I haven't received you in
the "Holy Eucharist" for
months now.
Surely I will get back
on track.

Sorry my Lord !
My schedule is
so full .

I drive by a large
Church carefully
structured and sitting
in ALL of it''s beauty !

I think to myself
"It's a place I once
"It's a place I knew
very well and
received alot of
joy !

I reminded myself
it's a place so
special that I
received Christ
Body and Blood
offered up for me
and the whole
world +++

I receive a phone
call from my friend
in wanting to make
plans for the weekend !

I answer back "Yeah
that would be great !"

Passing by the Church
I tell myself
"Remember what was
given to me as I was
growing up ."

I continue in asking
myself " What does
Mass really mean to
me for I have been
away for so long."

I continue on in
my thinking "My 
Sacrament of
Confirmation" was
given to me as a
teenager in receiving
the gift of the 
'Holy Spirit' in
becoming a
"Soldier for Christ."

"I  have become an empty soldier."

I turn my car back around and
head back to the large Church
that awaits for me.

I quietly enter into the Church
doors and find a person
kneeling in prayer.

I find my place in a pew
and kneel down before
 my Lord +++

I look all around and see
ALL the beauty within.
ALL the stories are
echoing from the
stain glass windows +++

I see you My Lord ' in
ALL you endured at
Calvary and picking
up your Cross for
me +++

I see you hanging on
The Cross with ALL
your piercing , your
blood shed for US.

You reminding me
"I did this for You."+++

Christ touched me at
that very moment
and words of mine
are unspoken.

Looking up I see
his beautiful Altar
that is empty for now
but I know during
Mass you come
again !

Jesus is the lamb of
God who takes away 
the sins of the world !
Blessed are they who
comes to the Supper
of the Lamb.

I have been empty for
so long !
Help me Oh' Lord !
Help me to remain
with you and not
place you to the

I make the sign of the
Cross towards Jesus
at His altar and towards
the tabernacle ; it is
there where he is always
present (consecrated host; body
and his blood)
the dwelling place of his
holiness remains in
ALL tabernacles for
ALL +++

I received God's own grace
that day and it was a feeling
I can't describe +++

I began to walk back
to my car and read my
recent text message.
My friend was wanting
to make our weekend
plans !

I replied back " I will
be going to Mass this
weekend ."  

I asked my friend
for the first time
"Would you like
to come with me ?"

Dear Ones,
May we look at our
lives and see where
we have been and
where we are going.
If you can try your
best to attend Mass or
a Church Service near
your home.
If you are unable to
attend may you view
a Church Service or
Mass on T.V. or listen
to one on your
radio furtermore
on the internet.

God Bless You Always,

A Text Message from God / 1-2018

Everything , by Lifehouse / 2-2018

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Be Sure to Check out Bundle of Music

I have added some recent Albums on
Bundle of Music / 5-1-2017

May you find the one's that will help you
begin your day or wind down for the evening.
May you use some of the albums to help
your work become a little more enjoyable
while dishes are being washed or laundry folded.
Also, it will allow your children to hear
God's Music of Praise !

I Confess / Dear One's , God's love will be shown and His peace granted for you / He awaits for US !

The Power of Confession , by Fr. Mike Schmitz

Works of Mercy & 7 deadly sins and virtues

Corporal Works of Mercy & Seven Deadly sins and lively Virtues with video's / 5-2018

Only Hope , by Switchfoot

Learning to Breathe , by Switchfoot

This is Home , by Switchfoot

Holy Water by Switchfoot

Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy & Seven Deadly Sins and Lively Virtues

Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy / Psalms / 9-2016
Seven Deadly Sins and Seven lively virtues / video/ 5-2018 (68 mins)
Extreme Demands and Extreme Mercy / video/ (8 mins.) 5-2018
At The Cross (song) 3-2018

The Seven Deadly Sins and Virtues is a long video,
however  I believe it will help our spiritual
growth . Furthermore, it will help our understanding
about Sin and how it effects our Body and Soul.
Bishop Barron does an excellent job trying to draw a picture of the importance
of the deadly sins and it's antidote of virtues. Try to be patient with this video for
I believe you will enjoy it !

Mortal Verses Venial Sins / 5-2018
Praying in a State of Mortal Sin / 5-2018
Bishop Barron on Original Sin / 5-2018
The Power of Confession / 5-2018
I Confess / 5-2018

This is Home / 5-2018
Holy Water /5-2018
Only Hope /5-2018
The Day that I found God / 8-2017
Learning to Breathe /5-2018

Dear One,  Jesus Loves You !
There is no sin he cannot forgive
When you ask him for forgiveness
from the bottom of your heart.
God's Mercy is Greater than 
our Sins +++
Repent and sin no more ' says the Lord 
If you wish to speak to someone than 
ask our Lord to Lead You and he 
will . 
God Bless You always

A Message for the Broken / 5-2018 

Seven Deadly Sins and Virtues by Bishop Barron ( 68 mins.) You will Love This !

Bishop Barron on Extreme Demands & Extreme Mercy (8 mins.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Six recent Stories & I have added a message to "Feelings"

I have added an additional message on "Feelings" go to long
paragraph with Crosses next to it +++++++

Feelings / 5-2018

I Will Protect My Soul / 5-2018

A Piece of You My Lord / 5-2018

A Message For the Broken / 5-2018

I Only Want to be alone with you Jesus /5-2018

I Will Meet You / 4-2018

Praying in a State of Mortal Sin

Bishop Barron on Original Sin

I Will Protect My Soul

I will protect my soul
I am a rebel against evil

When the world places
evil ways before me
I will stand firm.

When the world wants
me to engage in the
"New Ways" against
my God , I will not
get caught up.

I will protect my soul +

When the world places
before me in holding
up "The Rainbow" 
and abusing it for
their own gain

I will always remember 
Satan is the greatest copy cat.

Why are you seeking out
places that are against me?
Do you not know you will
not find me there ; says 
the Lord !

I will defend and listen to 
my Lord +

When the  world says
it's "Your rights" but
has not been granted
nor approved by God.

I will remember the
"Road Map" to Jesus
in "His Word" the 
"Holy Bible" and remain
with him.

When the world will
press forward in thier
wickedness and avoid
God's words.

I will remain focused 
on the Lord and never
close my eyes.

I will protect my soul +

When people say the bible
is outdated and useless.

I will remember God can
never be outdated for
he always was and always
will be 
He is visible and invisible +

His almighty power is endless +

When the world continues to
make improvements and
introduce advancements

I will see what God sees +

I will ask my self if God
approves or disapproves

I will seek out His Words from
scripture and His Church

I will Trust In God +
at all times for he will
make himself known to
me !
I will protect my soul +

When my mind and body is
entering into a direction far
away from my Lord,

I will choose to remain
alone with Jesus +

+Jesus will help guide me

+ Jesus will show me his path
of his light

+Jesus will stay true and honest
with me

+Our God has given us one
body and one soul.
We must protect them both
for if we don't  nobody
else will

+I will always keep engaged to
Christ even when it hurts

+He alone will help build
my body and mind and soul
up to a better place 

+Through Jesus I am complete+

One Thing Remains / 8-2016

Here Now Madness / 11-2016

Closer Than You Know / 11-2016

The Gift of The Rainbow (scripture) 12-2016

Messages of The Rainbow / 10-2017

More about the Rainbow / 1-2017

A Piece of You My Lord / 5-2018

Feelings / 5-2018

Bishop Barron on Original Sin  / 5-2018

Mortal verses Venial sin / 5-2018

Praying in the State of Mortal Sin / 5-2018

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Piece of You My Lord !

A Piece of you broken for Us !
How can this be my Lord ?

The Church is ever so quiet as I
enter in .

I find myself sitting in this
empty pew.

I look around the walls of the
church and it's all about you
Oh' Jesus .

I see all that you went through
at each of your fourteen stations
of the Cross and with your
mother at your side+

The Art of the Heavenly
Angels are comforting
and brings forth peace +

It's a constant reminder of
how much you endured
for us and your love and
sacrifice on the Cross.

I see the Saints  on the
stain glass windows to
remind us of
Bravery, obedience and
faith of love for you and
your Church.

I am quite Oh' Lord
for the Mass is about
to begin.

I listen attentively on every
word spoken through

Oh ' how your gifts are
given abundantly !

There is silence not even
music, but the Mass is
most beautiful !

I hear the words spoken
from the Priest at your
altar.  I listen to  the words
 you yourself
gave to your disciples
  at "The Last Supper "
The words are  most powerful & striking
to my heart and  soul +++

There is silence in Your Sacrifice
at the altar with the Priest in
lifting you up in saying
"Behold the Lamb of God ,
behold him 
who takes away the sins of
the world , blessed are they
who are called to the supper
of the Lamb."

We respond back to you Jesus
in saying " Lord I am not
worthy that you should 
enter under my roof. But
only say the word and my
soul shall be healed."

We go forward to your
altar ever so humbly and
in praise in receiving you
my Lord +++

A piece of you awaits me +

In your bread broken with
the words spoken to me
The body of Christ+
I say ' amen

In your cup of wine poured
out for many 
the words spoken to me
The blood of Christ +
I say ' amen

I am ever so thankful to you
in giving me yourself in your
Heavenly Banquet +

It's a Piece of you that
 fills us up !

It's a part of you that
helps heal  our wounds

Your body and blood
mends  the emptiness
in my heart and soul..

We become one with you +
In this Holy Communion+
for you said so , to the
twelve disciples
in scripture John Ch. 6

I go back to my pew in
silence with joy of plenty !
I give honor and praise
to you Jesus , in your Most
Holy Sacrifice +

Wordless / 5--2017

I Will Meet You / 4-25-2018

The Holy Eucharist John Ch. 6  / Scripture 1-19-2017 You will find a
Spiritual Communion Prayer +++ Amen means : I Believe 

Dear One's , If you wish , you can take  "The Spiritual Communion Prayer " with
you to church and Our Lord will pour out his Graces upon you.
If you desire and want to receive Christ in the Holy Eucharist make an
appointment with the Church and they will be glad to lead you
the way !  If there is a Priest or Deacon available after Mass you may
feel free to speak with them. They are always ready to receive you 
in your needs. +++

John Ch. 6 The Holy Eucharist / video's 4-18-2018

A Little Longer (lyrics) by Jenn Johnson

You Make Me Brave (Album Live) 74 mins.

A Little Longer (Live) by Jenn Johnson

The War Is Over (live) by Kalley Heiligenthal

The War is Over (lyrics) by Kalley Heiligenthal

Spirit Move (Live) by Kalley Heiligenthal

Ever Be (Live) by Kalley Heiligenthal

Ever Be (lyrics) by Kalley Heiligenthal

Come To Me , by Jenn Johnson

Friday, May 11, 2018


One might want to ask themselves
should I act on my feelings ?
I would say both yes
and no.
It's important to have a
balance when it comes to
Sometimes when we
act upon  our feelings
can actually cause harm
and even danger.

Acting upon our feelings
can allow us to become
spontaneous without
thinking of the long term
results .

Acting spontaneous at times
with our feelings can turn
out to have a positive 
out come as well.

We often find ourselves
in situations that because
of our own feelings can
actually save us.

If we look at a
situation we
may find ourselves in
our feelings can give
us  signals and
 direction to make
a change , whether it be
positive or negative.

We should never act +++++++
upon our feelings for
our own personal
 gain; meaning:
We should never no matter
how we may feel cause
another person to fall 
into mortal sin even
if they have our
consent ++++++++
We would be placing
our souls into danger
and may be cut off
from ever seeing Christ and
entering into His Kingdom.++++++++
If you truly cared about
that person you would
try your best to protect
their soul and our own 
soul  as well. +++++++++
Pray with your complete
self with Jesus and he
will help you through.
He will help guide 
you with small steps
and allow you to 
receive His Peace
through Him. +++++++++
Dear One's you cannot
get that peace from anyone
other than Jesus alone.
Through prayer to Him
will allow you to look
deep inside your own
soul and see where you
stand with Jesus ++++++++
If you place your FULL
attention on JESUS and
YOURSELF and keep it there,
he will guide you into
his own LOVE he has
in store for YOU+++++++
All we need to do
is Ask Him  and we shall

When it comes to
feelings we should
have an observation
of a situation that
we may find ourselves
 in and ask if it will
 be a wise
response on our part
or a neglectful one that
we may regret.

Feelings is a natural
and great thing we
have in order to
do task.
Our feelings reflect
on our emotions.
Our emotions
can  give us
signs in making
us to become
motivated or
simply become
at a stand still.

Our feelings and our
emotions work side
by side.
Whether we are feeling
uplifted or down
it is always
important to pay
attention to them.

Expressing our feelings
is a healthy thing to do
for our body , mind,
and soul.
 It is good to express our
feelings in a healthy 
way and not to  cause
harm to another.

Our feelings and 
emotions helps to
release stress.

When we allow our
feelings to be heard
or noticed an action
will take place.

Our feelings can help
others in their own
needs and even
help improve
people's lives.

We shall never ignore
feelings and emotions
for they are the building
blocks on which we
stand upon.
Our feelings help us
to listen to the World
and those around Us.

We never want to
become like a city
of a Movie called
"The Giver"
Because without
feelings and emotions
we forget our

We should always
listen to our feelings
and emotions ; good
or bad. 
For it is how we
learn to go forward
step by step.

The Giver Movie Preview / 8-2017
The Giver 10-2016
The Giver Official Trailer / 10-2016
The Giver Trailer 2 / 10-2016
The Giver Saving Gabriel / 1-2018

A Message for The Broken / 5-2018

In Over My head , by Jenn Johnson / 5-2018

Calling All Angels / 2-2018

Two New Stories

I Only Want to be alone with you Jesus / 5-10-2018 (songs)
A message for the Broken  /5-11-2018 (songs)
Feelings / 5-11-2018 short message

Fantastic , by Esther

Mount Zion , by Esther

Way Maker , by Esther

Go Away Stranger , by Esther

First (lyrics), by Lauren Daigle

A Message for the Broken

Dear One's , I would like to give you a message about
 brokenness .
Many people have been mentally , emotionally, and
physically harmed and broken.
"Jesus knows your pain"

In your suffering you have kept it all inside
and you feel like nobody knows your pain.
"Jesus knows you very well"

Your abuse you have held on to for
a very long time.
"Jesus will wait for you"

Your wounds have been kept hidden
and unattended to.
"Jesus will heal you"

Your wounds keep getting ignored
and placed inside an empty box.
Your wounds have prompt you
to go elsewhere.
"Jesus is looking down upon
you . His eyes are meeting
your eyes"

I am comfortable with my wounds
for they are mine.
"You are re-victimizing yourself"
Because someone has inflected pain
onto you , doesn't mean we are to
hold on to that pain.
"Jesus carries our pain
He showed himself on His
Cross.  He took all our
pain and sufferings and
by his stripes we are healed"

Maybe you are self inflecting
pain onto yourself. You keep
telling yourself it's my fault
or this pain is too deep.

First (song)
In Too Deep (song)
Where Feet may fail (song) +++++

Dear One, you will never
be able to heal your pain
on your own. Seek out
someone whom you can
trust ( I have suggestions
below )
 find someone who will
listen to "Your Story"
"Jesus must be the one
you go to First" Then 
make your move+++

I am afraid to reveal my pain
and emptiness. I am afraid
I will be judged and looked
at differently.
"Jesus was judged and stripped
of his clothing before many.
He was spit on and mocked
at in his suffering for us"

How do I release this pain ?
"Through Christ Cross"
Look at your pain and speak
to Jesus and confide in him.
"Jesus was in agony in the 
garden of Gethsemane"
He was alone and cried out
to The Father"

Be open with how you feel
and how your body, mind,
and soul was damaged.
"No wound is ever healed
unattended to" 

If we hold on to our wounds
it can cause us to engage in other
things or people whom are not
good for our body, mind , and
our soul.
"Jesus held on to His Father's 
will" Even on the Cross he
looked down upon us in saying
"Father forgive them , they
do not know what they are

By trusting in God and
letting go of our wounds
will allow us to see ourselves
differently. When we lean
on Christ in the agony in 
the garden Jesus embraces
"Jesus will remind us how
much he loves us"

When we are alone in the
agony in the garden with
Jesus He helps us to release
our pain.
"Jesus will say "Look at
me on my Cross" I did this
for you !

When you have confided in
Jesus go speak to someone
whom you can trust.
"May you go to a priest,
preacher, deacon, nun,
your spouse,
teacher, aunt , uncle,
neighbor, friend, your
or anyone
whom you know you can
They will help guide you
and give you the attention
you need for your pain.

After you have revealed 
"Your Story" your healing
will begin +++

Your Gonna Be O-K lyrics / 5-2018
Your Gonna Be O-K / 5-2018
Everything / 10/2017
Everything "My favorites" / 2-1-2018

I only want to be alone with you Jesus / 5-2018
I will carry you / 12-2017
Shield me oh Lord / 9-2017
Feelings / 5-11-2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018

I Only Want to Be Alone With You Jesus

I want to be alone with you Jesus +

How is it that the world
tells us ; To be alone is not good.

But I myself want to be alone
with you Jesus +

The world invites us to engage
in activities that are against
you and far from you.

People tell me "It's your own life
do with it what you want ."

But I find myself wanting to
be still.
I find myself wanting to
become silent towards you. +

The world tells me to have fun !
Listen to the beat of the World !

I only want to listen to your beat
oh Lord ; your heart beat next
to mine +

The world introduces new 
fads, styles, books, arts and
music !

I only want to absorb in 
what you have to say
and what is true.
I want to see goodness
and hear the rhythm
of your song +

The world tries to prompt
me in the ways of darkness
in telling  me it's not 
against you .

People tell me "It's your
freedom , you deserve to 
be happy !"

I step back and wonder
Is it freedom or is it
slavery to sin that Jesus
was speaking about ?

Then I ask myself
Are my friends having
"Misguided Compassion"
Are they helping to lead
my Soul to damnation ?

I continue in asking myself
Do I go with my feelings ?
Do I allow the ways of
the World to Cost me
my own happiness of
eternity ?
Is my sin worth it ?
Do I really want to
cut myself off from
ever being with Christ ?
Christ said he has a plan
for each and everyone of us.

Shall I bypass what God
has in store for me?

Are my own wants and needs
so important that  they will
dismiss me from entering
into Heaven ?

Oh ' My God  please help
me see you !

Oh ' Dear Jesus show me
yourself on the Cross over
and over again.

Remind me of the beauty
you are and your gifts
of many !

Please help me !
Help me to be strong and
fight the good fight !

Help me to recognize the 
wolves you warned us about !

I know you have my reward
when I enter into Heaven

No sin is worth losing YOU !

I only want to be in your
light Oh' Lord +

People will try to pull
me in and tell me 
"It feels good"

Allow me always to see
underneath the lies of
Satan +

The world tries to convince
me I am weak when I
turn from mankinds
ways and turn towards
you !

I only want to be in 
tuned with you Oh' Lord
for it is you that will
give me strength +

You spoke in Matthew Ch 10 V. 39
Whoever finds their life will lose it,
and whoever loses their life for my
sake will find it +

To save your life is to lose it
and to lose your life for my
sake is to save it +

I would rather be alone
with you my Jesus +

for it is you that I 
find true meaning of
my life
my heart
and my soul +

To go towards evil
I cannot bare
I would rather
wither up than to
go against you my 
Jesus +

When others enter into the
darkness of sin
I will remind myself
of you !
I will remember you at the 
How you washed me
with your blood +

When others turn away
from your Cross and try
to convince me I don't have
to suffer.

Remind me to offer 
my sufferings up to 
you and join my
Heart to your
Sacred Heart +

When the world gives out
false words all about
you Lord ' 

You will find me alone
in prayer and seperated
from the Author of Sin
your most enemy Satan +

The World tells me the 
Cross is too much ,
ignore your pain,
and carry on !

I will look up to You
Oh ' Lord
I will join my Cross
with Your Cross +

People tell me to 
"Do what makes you
feel good."

I observe and look
at who are lost 
in the world
and they have nothing
good to offer.
I see they are
people from God.

I tell myself
I will have joy in you !
I don't want to be
without you Jesus
in all that I do +

I speak quietly to you 
my God !
I love you , and
hold me !
I only want to be 
alone with you Jesus +

The Jesus Prayer : 
Lord Jesus Christ
Son of God
have mercy on me
a sinner +++

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The Jesus Prayer / Lord Jesus Christ Son of God have Mercy on me a sinner / Beautiful short prayer

The Ascension of Jesus / Pentecost / Peter's Discourse

 Jesus Appears to the Eleven ; Luke Ch. 24 Verses 36-49
While they were still speaking about all this, he
himself stood in their midst (and said to
them , "Peace to you." In their panic and
fright they thought they were seeing a ghost.
He said to them, Why are you disturbed?
Why do such ideas cross your mind ?
Look at my hands and my feet ; it is really I.
Touch me, and see that a ghost does not have
flesh and bones as I do ."
As he said this he showed them his hands and feet.
They were still incredulous for sheer joy and
wonder, so he said to them, "Have you 
anything here to eat?" They gave him
a piece of cooked fish.  which he took
and ate in their presence.  Then he said
to them. "Recall those words I spoke to you
when I was still with you ; everything written
about me in the law of Moses and the
prophets and psalms had to be fulfilled."
Then he opened their minds to the under-
standing of the Scriptures.
He said to them: "Thus it is written
that the Messiah must suffer and rise from
the dead on the third day.  In his name,
penance for the remission of sins is to be
preached to all the nations , beginning at
Jerusalem. You are witnesses of this. See,
I send down upon you the promise of
my Father. Remain here in the city until
you are clothed with power from on High."

The Ascension: Then he led them out
near Bethany , and with hands upraised ,
blessed them.  As he blessed, he left them,
and was taken up to heaven. They fell
down to do him reverence, them returned
to Jerusalem filled with joy.
There they were to be found in the temple
constantly, speaking the praises of God.
The Lord will come back to his Apostles
ten days later on Pentecost Sunday !
And they will receive the Power
of the Holy Spirit ; the third person
of the Holy Trinity of God.


Pentecost Sunday is a Christian Holiday +++++
which is celebrated on the Seventh Sunday
(49 days) after Easter (Christ Resurrection)
Pentecost commemorates the "Descent of
the Holy Spirit " upon the Apostles
and other followers of Jesus Christ
while they were in Jerusalem celebrating
the (Feast of Weeks) as described in 
the Acts of the Apostles.

Acts Ch 2 Descent of the Holy Spirit
When the day of Pentecost came it
found them gathered in one place.
Suddenly from up in the sky there
came a noise like strong , driving
wind which was heard all through
the house where they were seated.
Tongues as of fire appeared ,
which parted and came to rest on
each of them.  All were filled of
the Holy Spirit. They began to express
themselves in foreign tongues and make
bold proclamations as the Spirit prompted

Peter's Discourse: Acts Ch 2 Verses 36-41
Therefore let the whole house of Israel
know beyond any doubt that God has made
both Lord and Messiah this Jesus whom
you crucified."
When they heard this , they were deeply
shaken. They asked Peter and the other
apostles, "What are we to do , brothers?"
Peter answered : " You must reform and
be baptized , each one of you , in the name
of Jesus Christ, that your sins may be
forgiven ; then you will receive the 
gift of the Holy Spirit.  It was to you and 
your children that the promise was 
made , and to all those still far off 
whom the Lord our God calls."
In support of his testimony he used
many other arguments, and kept
urging , "Save yourselves from this
generation which has gone astray."
Those who accepted his message
were baptized; some three thousand
were added that day.

Communal Life: Acts Ch 2 Verses 42-47
They devoted themselves to the Apostles'
instruction and the communal life, to the
breaking of bread and the prayers +++++
A reverent fear overtook them all , for
many wonders and signs were performed
by the Apostles.  those who
believed shared all things in common;
they would sell their property and goods,
dividing everything on the basis of each
one's need.  They went to the temple
area together every day, while in 
their homes they brokebread +++++
With exultant and sincere hearts
they took their meals in common.
Praising God and winning approval
of all the people. Day by day the
Lord added to their number those
who were being saved.

Dear One's if you wish to be baptized and
receive The Holy Spirit of Christ our Lord,
Seek out a Priest or Preacher and they
will be glad to give you direction.
Do Not Be Afraid Our Lord is With You.


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Jesus Departure / John Ch. 16

John Ch. 16 Verses 1-26

" I have told you all this
to keep your faith from being shaken.
Not only will they expel you from synagogues
(temples) ; 
a time will come
when anyone who puts you to death
will claim to be serving God !
All this they will do (to you)
because they knew neither the  Father
nor me.
But I have told you these things
that when their hour comes
you may remember my telling you 
of them.

Jesus ' Departure; Coming of the  (Paraclete ; comforter , counselor, Holy Spirit)

" I did not speak of this with you from the 
because I was with you.
Now that I go back to him who sent me,
not one of you asks me, "Where are you going?"
Because I have had all this to say to you,
you are overcome with grief.
Yet I tell you the sober truth;
It is much better for you that I go.
If I fail to go,
The Paraclete will never come to you,
whereas if I go,
I will send him to you.(Christ Holy Spirit)
When he comes,
he will prove the world wrong
about sin,
about justice,
about condemnation ; The Death of Christ
was a judgement for Jesus gained victory
and conquered death and Satan the great enemy
of men.
The Holy Spirit , by his coming brought
over many thousands , (First) , 
to a sense of their sin
in not believing in Christ,
(Secondly) to a conviction
of the Justice of Christ now
sitting at the right hand of
his Father and
(Thirdly) to a right apprehension
of the judgement prepared for 
them that choose to follow Satan,
who is already judged and
John Ch.16 V 9
about sin;
in that they refuse to believe in me;
about justice;
from the fact that I go to the Father
and you can see me no more;
about condemnation;
For the Prince of this world had been
I have much more to tell you,
but you cannot bear it now.
When he comes , however,
being the Spirit of Truth
he will guide you to all truth.
He will not speak on his own,
but will speak only what he hears,
and announce to you the things to come.
In doing this he will give glory to me,
because he will have received from me
what he will announce to you.
All that the Father has belongs to me.
that is why I said that what he will announce
to you
he will have from me.
Within a short time you will lose sight of
but soon after that you shall see me again."

Today is " The Ascension of Jesus "

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Pope Francis Consoles a boy ( The Words in the Video below )

The boy is afraid to speak
Boy : I can't do it

Pope: Come Come Come to me , Emanuele

Pope: Come and tell me in my ear , Tell me in my ear

The boy is lead up to the pope and speaks in his ear , then
is lead back to his seat.

Pope: If only we could cry like emanuele
          when we have pain in our hearts.
          He cries for his father who died,
          and had the courage to do so before
          us . because there is love in his heart
          for his dad.
         I asked Emanuele permission to
         reveal his question to the public
         and he said 'yes.'

The Boy said: My father died a short
          time ago, He was an atheist
          but he baptized his four
          He was a good man.
          Is dad in Heaven?

Pope: It's nice that a son says that
          about his father , that he
          "was good."
          Do you think that God would
          be able to leave a man like him
          far from him ?
          Do you think that ?
The Pope speaks to the crowd "louder , 
         with courage , No ! says the crowd.
 The Pope : Does God abandon his
           children ? No ! says the crowd.

The Pope speaks to the boy: Here
           Emanuele , this is the answer
           God surely was proud of your
           father, because it is easier 
           when one is a believer to
          baptize his children , than
          to baptize them when you
          are an unbeliever.
          Surely God liked this so
         Talk to your Dad,
         Pray for your Dad.
         Thanks Emanuele
         for your courage !

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Father is in Heaven / 5-9-2018 (video)

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Who Is At Fault ?


In the  U.S.A  there are approximately 3,000 abortions 
performed every day.

In the U.S.A. there are approximately 1.3 million abortions
performed each year.

Worldwide there are approximately 40 to 50 million abortions
every year.
approximately 125,000 abortions each day.

Now We As A People must ask ourselves "Who is at Fault ?"

Let's look at War for instance. Who is at fault for
killing innocent people in the mix of War ?
For it is the women, children, and  the elderly,
 whom are
the innocent ones, along with all civilians.
Is it the soldiers ?
Is it the commanders ?
Is it the Leaders ?
Is it those who have abandoned people in crisis, 
whom are in need of help ?
Is it those who have a safe haven and the
means to be able to help in someway,
but shut their eyes ?

Let's look at Hitler's Agenda and one might ask
"Who was at fault ?"
Was it those whom were doing their job
in registering  each person in
marking them with a star and number ?
Was it the soldier whom was doing
what he was told ?
Was it the person whom divided
them up in groups ?
Was it the people whom worked
at the concentration camps ?
Was it the Leaders?
Was it Hitler himself ?

Let's look at Abortion and "Who is at Fault ?
Is it the receptionist whom  writes down the patients name?
Is it the nurse whom calls the patient's name back to her room?
Is it the doctor whom is performing the abortions?
Is it because of a passed law ?
Is it those whom vote for a pro-choice leader ?
Is it the patient herself's fault ?
Is it the father of the unborn babies fault ?
Is it the patient's relative or friend who shuts their eyes ?

Everyone  who  PARTICIPATES in an EVIL ACT of taking
lives , even if it is a WAR or PASSED LAW is at FAULT. 
Taking or ending another person's Life inside or outside of the 
womb is killing no matter what stage of LIFE the person is

Here is a NOTE for those who have participated in an
abortion clinic or office. Please , do not keep "Your 
Story" silent.  For those whom have had an abortion , our Lord
has not abandon you and he never will.
ALL those  mentioned ABOVE allow yourself
to go FORWARD and confide in someone whom
you can trust. Tell "Your Story" and God will
receive it ALL.  
 Our Lord Jesus died on the 
CROSS FOR ALL.  Take COURAGE and your 
healing WILL  BEGIN. 
Christ Alone will RESTORE us and makes
If you are able , go to a priest or preacher
and begin to tell "Your Story" bring along
someone for support. 
(Remember the woman at the well in ; John Ch 4 V.1-42
Our Lord spoke privately to the woman, he
announced her committed sins, she recognized Jesus
as the Messiah. She received God's Blessings
and his peace)+++++
Remember always, God's Mercy is Greater than our
sins. +May We Join Our  Hearts to Christ Sacred Heart+
God Bless you always,
+++++THE WELL+++++
+++++WITH ARMS WIDE OPEN song +++++
+++++DON'T STOP DANCING song +++++
Dear One's,
Are We As A People having compassion on 
a young teen or woman whom is thinking about
having an abortion ?
Are Giving them the truth about the evil's 
of abortion ?
Are we giving them misguided compassion?
Are We As A People helping to console someone
whom has had an abortion ?
Can We As A People give them God's Love
and show them they matter ?
Can we show them God's mercy ?

Jewish Population killed in final solution

Poland / 3,000,000 / 90%
Baltic Countries / 228,000 / 90%
German Austria / 210,000 / 88%
Protectorate / 80,000 / 89%
Slovakia / 75,000 / 83%
Greece / 54,000 / 77% 
The Netherlands / 105,000 / 75%
Hungary / 450,000 / 70%
White Russia / 245,000 /65%
Ukraine / 900,000 / 60%
Belgium / 40,000 / 60%
Yugoslavia / 26,000 / 60%
Romania / 300,000 / 50 %
Norway / 900 / 50%
France / 90,000 / 26%
Bulgaria / 14,000 / 22%
Italy / 80,000 / 20%
Luxembourg / 1000 / 20 %
Russia / 107,000 / 11 %

Abortions performed in U.S.A. since 1973 Roe Verses Wade

By Planned Parenthood since 1970

By Planned Parenthood this year since Jan. 2018- May 1, 2018

Approximately 40 to 50 million abortions Worldwide every year.

Approximately 125,000 abortions every day

U.S.A. this year since Jan.2018 to May 1, 2018

Approximately 3,000 abortions performed in
U.S.A. daily.

Worldwide Since 1980

Worldwide Since this year Jan. 2018 to May 1, 2018

Worldwide Today May 1, 2018
74,000 and counting 

The World has created and followed Satan's Silent Holocaust .
Each day thousands of babies lives will END because of