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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Have A Blessed Easter !

Have a Blessed Easter / 3-2018
May Our Lord Bless you and your loved ones !
We give glory to God in the Highest !
Peace of Jesus be with YOU !
with prayer in Christ,
Lori Foster

Above All . The Passion of Christ

Pieta , by Tom Kendzia

Michelangelo's Pieta an analysis / 6 mins.

Michelangelo, Pieta / 3 mins. 38 sec.

The Last Supper / The Passion of Christ / John Ch: 6

Last Supper Easter / A New Covenant John Ch:6

Jesus of Nazareth Soundtrack (4 mins.)

The Seven Last Words of Christ

The First word of Jesus on the Cross:
"Father forgive them, for they know not what they do."(Luke Ch. 23: Verses 32-34)
Forgive us, Father:
For our cruelty and injustice towards others
For our lack of faith and hope
For our absence of compassion
For our refusal to forgive others
For our stubbornness toward others
For our rejections of others points of view
For our own self-centeredness
For our neglect of the common good
For ignoring the sufferings of others
For not understanding others
For persecuting the good and the kind
for not being examples of the Word of God
Father , forgive us / as we forgive others

The Second word of Jesus on the Cross:
"Today you will be with me in paradise." (Luke Ch. 23: Verses 35-43)
Be with me, Lord:
When I am in distress and sorrow
When I hurt and am afflicted
When I am unjustly accused and rejected
When I am making decisions and judgements
when I determine values and priorities
When I am at the hour of death
When I live out my Christian morals
Jesus goes to His Father's house ; where he prepares
many mansions for us.

The Third word of Jesus on the Cross:
"Woman , behold your son." (John Ch. 19: Verses 16-27)
Behold us, your children:
Mary, Mother of Jesus and of us all
Mary, giving birth in Bethlehem's stable
Mary , sharing Jesus with shepherds
Mary , fleeing into Egypt / Joseph was given a warning in
a dream to flee with Mary and baby Jesus/ King Herod was
seeking to kill Jesus / Joseph awoke Mary and they left
in haste with Jesus.
Mary, faithful wife
Mary, devoted mother
Mary,  good neighbor
Mary, walking the Way of the Cross
Mary, standing at the foot of the cross
Mary, mother of the Church
Mary, model of Christian life
Mary, accepting God's will to be the Mother of Jesus
Hail Mary full of grace (Luke Ch. 1: Verses 28-42)

The fourth word of Jesus on the Cross:
"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me ?"  (Matthew Ch. 27: Verses 45-47  & Psalm 22)
Do not forsake us ! :
In time of temptation
When we are afraid
When we feel alone and isolated
When we are rejected by others
When we are in doubt and confused
When we are in pain and heartache
When we are in the power of enemies
When we realize our weakness and lack of power
I and My Father will dwell within you / and we shall be one together.

The fifth word of Jesus on the Cross:
"I Thirst." ( John Ch. 19: Verses 28-29)
For closer union with You
For justice and peace among all people
For a deeper life of prayer and penance
For the joys of the spirit
for the peace of the spirit
For the peace of Our Lord
For the freedom of God's children
For closer relationships of trust and love
for greater faith in you
For greater hope and confidence in you, O Lord
for greater love of You, O Lord
For the salvation of souls,  I thirst !

The sixth word of Jesus on the Cross:
"It is finished." ( John Ch. 19: Verses 30-37)
You  have done all things well:
You are God become man
You have saved us from our sins
You established your church for our salvation
You  have given us of yourself
In the mass you bring Calvary to all people
In the Eucharist You share Your Body and Blood / John Ch.6: Verses 32-71
In Baptism You share Your Life with us / Matthew Ch. 3: Verses 13-17
In Confirmation You give us Your Spirit / Acts Ch.8: V.14-17, Ch.9 V.17, Ch.19: V.6  & 
Hebrews Ch.6: Verse 2 which speaks of laying on the hands for the purpose of
bestowing the Holy Spirit.
In Reconciliation or Confession You wash away our sins / John Ch. 20 : Verses 19-25
You have died in time / that we may live in eternity.

The seventh word of Jesus on the Cross:
"Father , into Your hands I commit My Spirit." (Luke Ch. 23 : Verses 44-56)
I am yours:
You are the potter, I am the clay , Jesus
I am Your servant in this world, Jesus
All life is from You and returns to You , Jesus
Alone I am nothing ; I can do nothing, Jesus
In you my weakness becomes strength, Jesus
Your smallest word is wisdom to people, Jesus
I belong to You , Jesus
I want nothing more than to do Your will , Jesus
Your will is my goal, Jesus
Father , into Your hands / I commit my spirit

Abba / 3-2017

Shepherd Me O God / 8-2016

Forever Will I Sing / 7-2016

Lamb of God / 7-2016

The Gloria / 7-2016

Holy Holy Holy / 7-2016

The Lords Prayer / 7-2016 / Our Father prayer

Communion Song / 7-2016

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Have a Blessed Easter !

Holy Thursday & Good Friday / 3-29-2018

An Easter Blessing / 3-29-2018

The Seven Last Words of Christ / 3-31-2018

Jesus of Nazareth Part 2 / 3-2017 Movie

Michelangelo, Pieta ( 3 mins. 38 sec.) / 3-31-18

Michelangelo's Pieta an analysis (6 mins.) / 3-31-18

Pieta , by Tom Kendzia / 3-31-18 song

Hosanna / 8-2016

At The Cross / 3-2018

You Crown the year / 12-2017

May we keep Our Nightlights On !
Message about Nightlights / 8-8-2016

Divine Mercy Prayer is on Army of Prayer & Rosary / 9-27-2016

The Passion of Christ soundtrack / the resurrection 5 mins.

The Passion ,The Resurrection

An Easter Blessing

Dear One's,
Blessings of Our Lord be with you during this Easter Season.
I would like to give you a short dream I had on
March 24, 2018, Here is my dream:
My family was in our church and someone was having some sort
of health problems.  The people in the church began to pray for the
person in their needs.. Then the dream took place outside of the
church. The same group of people was gathered in a grassy area.
We knew we were needing to pray the Holy Rosary for this person.
I began to lead the rosary to the people.  I began to announce
the Glorious Mysteries . I was trying to be careful in announcing
the correct mystery to the people. I remember announcing the third
Glorious Mystery The Descent of the Holy Spirit , and as soon
as I announced 5th mystery The  Coronation ; Crowning of  Blessed
Mary Her image appeared in the sky !  I was looking up and Her image
was very large. Her image was  a beautiful white color throughout her veil
and dress. I could not see her flesh or face , only her Image. She was very peaceful
and the dream ended. 

Revelation Ch. 12 verse 1  ( A great sign appeared in heaven ; a woman
clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and her head a crown
of twelve stars.)

Dear One's , Blessed Mary , the mother of Our Lord Jesus is praying for
our world.  She is asking us all to turn towards her son and build our
oneness with him in our daily lives.
God Bless Always , Lori Foster

THE RESURRECTION: Matthew Ch: 28 Verses 5-6
The Angel said to the women " Do not be afraid;
for I know that you are looking for Jesus who has
been crucified . "He is not here , for He has risen,
just as He said. 

The Passion , The Resurrection / 3-29-2018
The Resurrection of Jesus / The Passion / 3-1-2017
Jesus of Nazareth / 3-2-2017 / 9 mins. final part
Jesus of Nazareth , Don't be afraid / 3-2017
The Passion of Christ Soundtrack / 3-29-2018 5 mins.
Jesus of Nazareth Best Scene / 3-2-2017
Jesus of Nazareth Soundtrack / 3-31-2018
Above All , The Passion of Christ / 3-31-2018

Have A Blessed Easter / 3-29-2018


Psalm 134: 3
May the Lord Bless you from Zion. He who made Heaven
and Earth.

Acts Ch. 14 Verse 15
God, who made the Heavens and the Earth and the Sea
and all that is in them.

1 Chronicles Ch 29 Verses 11-12
Yours, O Lord is the greatest power and the glory and
the victory and majesty.  O Lord , you exalt yourself
as head over all.

Jeremiah Ch. 23 Verses 23-24
Am I a God who is near "declares the Lord." and
not a God far off ?

Holy Thursday & Good Friday /

HOLY THURSDAY : The Last Supper / John Ch 6

GOOD FRIDAY: Christ Crucifixion / John Ch. 19

The Last Supper / The Passion of Christ / 3-31-2018

Last Supper Easter / 3-31-2018

Jesus of Nazareth part 1 / 3-2017 (Movie) Jesus Birth & John the Baptist meets Jesus

Jesus of Nazareth part 2 / 3-2017 (Movie) The crucifixion & Resurrection

JESUS DIES ON THE CROSS AT 3:00 P.M./ Dear One's may you try to attend
a service at your church for Good Friday at 3:00 / If you are unable to attend
a service Simply kiss the Cross of Jesus on your crucifix, cross, or your precious thumb.

Reflection on The Five Wounds of Christ & The Sorrowful Mysteries / 9-2016 located towards the bottom of post.

I Am With You My Lord

The Short Way of Embrace The Cross

The Short Way of The Stations of The Cross / underneath "My Book of Prayers" scroll down to  "The Bells Ring"  you will find the 14 Stations of the Cross beneath the story.

Have A Blessed Easter / 3-29-2018

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day !

St. Patrick's Day / posted March 8, 2018   May we turn our night lights on !!

O America , by Celtic Woman

Be With Me My Jesus

My alarm goes off and I am
struggling to begin my day
my Lord.

I begin to make my bed and I
find my crucifix underneath
my pillow.

Oh !  How it made me smile
as I held tightly on the cross.
I gently give my cross a kiss
and place it by my bedside.
"You are most beautiful
my Lord."

I go downstairs and fix my
toast and hot chocolate. I
straighten up my living room
and manage to clean the

I decided to pray The Divine
Mercy prayer / in making
my five crosses on my 
forehead with my given
kiss on my thumb /
representing Jesus
on the Cross.
I end my prayer in saying:
I join my cross with your cross.

Please ! Be with me my Jesus !

I press forward in getting ready
for the day.  I need to go to town
and do some errands.

I make my way through the
store and managed to get the
ingredients for my special

Before leaving the store, I
caught sight of a young child
sitting alone on a bench near
the exit.

I noticed there were nobody around
him ,to look after him.

I remained standing nearby to
see if anyone will come for the

Finally , the child's grandmother
returned to him and he was
eager to  take her hand and

I then left the store to
carry out my own duties
that needed to be done
while I was still in town.

I finally arrive back at
my home and everything was
quite.  I unload my groceries
and leave my ingredients out
to make my special chili.

Suddenly , I begin to cry
thinking about the little child
and how I kept watch over him.

I could feel Jesus whispering to me
"I know you my child, I am with
you in your loneliness.

I sadly walk into my living room
and sit on my couch sobbing.
I look over to a near by table
and discovered my crucifix
sitting there all alone.

I walked over and picked up
my crucifix and simply held
it in my hand.

I return back to my couch in
tears and still holding my
I yell out to Jesus !
"Be with me my Jesus !"

I held my crucifix near my
face and my tear drops keep
flowing down upon it.

I again ask my Lord
"Be with me my Jesus !"

I felt my Lord's presence all
around me and I could feel 
Jesus telling me
"I am with you my child, I
will never leave you."

I pray my Divine Mercy prayer
and end in saying:
Water from the pierced side of Christ
wash me.
Passion of Christ strengthen me.
(I join my cross with your cross.)

I felt peace of God all around me
and I rest a while on my couch
alone with my cross.

I decided to get started in making
my favorite chili recipe.

I kiss my Jesus on the cross
and place it gently on the table.

I begin to make my meal
for my family.
My Jesus is with me.


Psalm 102
O Lord , hear my prayer
and let my cry come to you.
Hide not your face from me
in the day of my distress
Incline your ear to me
in the day when I call
answer me speedily.

John Ch:14 Verse 2
My Father's house has many rooms,
if that were not so, would I have
told you that I am going there
to prepare a place for You ?

Jeremiah Ch: 1 Verse 5
I knew you before I formed you in
your mother's womb.

Psalm 139: Verses 13-18
For you created my inmost being,
you knit me together in my
mother's womb.
I praise you because I am
fearfully and wonderfully
made.  Your works are
wonderful , I know that
full well.

2 Corinthians Ch: 13 Verse 5
Or do you not realize about
yourselves that Jesus Christ
is in you ?
Jesus is literally practically,
dwelling within the believers.

Romans Ch:8 Verse 10
But if Christ is in you , though
the body is dead because of
sin, the spirit is life because
of righteousness.

Matthew Ch:28 Verse 20
I will be with you always,
even to the end of age.
This is not only a promise
of God's ever presence with
his people. It is one that
he will always fulfill,
regardless of where we
find ourselves in life.

Deuteronomy Ch :31 Verse 6
Be strong and courageous
Do not be afraid or terrified
because of them,  for the Lord
your God goes with you, he
will never leave you nor
forsake you. 

2 Corinthians Ch: 4 Verses 6-7

Because the God who said,
"Out of the darkness light
shall shine, is the one
who shines in our hearts
to illuminate the knowledge
of the glory of God in
the face of Jesus Christ.
But we have this treasure
in earthen vessels that the
excellency of the power may
be of God and not of us.

He's Alive / 10-2016

I Can Only Imagine / song/ 3-15-2018

I Can Only Imagine> Bart Millard / 3-15-2018

I Can Only Imagine Movie trailer / 3-15-18

I Can Only Imagine Story of Bart Millard / 3-15-18

Army of Prayer & Rosary 9-27-2016 / You will find
the Divine Mercy Prayer 

Jesus the Feeding of 5000

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Celtic Woman Live in Slane Castle , Ireland (1hr. 33 mins.)

Celtic Irish Music / 46 mins.

Scottish Music and Celtic Music / 1 Hr.

Epic Celtic Music Mix / 96 mins.

Meet The Real St. Patrick

St. Patrick The Amazing Story from Slave to Saint ! 5 mins.

The True Story of St. Patrick / 8 mins.

Ireland the Beautiful / 8 mins.

St. Patrick's Breastplate by John Doan 10 mins./ You will love the music !

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day feast day is March 17th
St. Patrick was born in Roman Britain 385 A.D. and he
died 461 A.D. in Saul , Down Patrick, Ireland..

When St. Patrick was sixteen , he was captured by Irish pirates from
his home in Britain .  He was taken to slave in Ireland, watching after
sheep.  He lived there for six years before escaping and returning
to his family.  After becoming a Priest , he returned to Northern and
Western Ireland.
In his later life he served as a Bishop.  By the 17th century , he  had
already come to revered as the Patron Saint of Ireland.
Patrick used the shamrock (a three leafed plant) to illustrate the
christian teaching of three persons in One God. 
The shamrock is a central symbol of St. Patrick's Day !                                                May we turn our night lights on !!


The True Story of St. Patrick / 8 mins.

St. Patrick's Breastplate by John Doan / 10 mins.

St. Patrick the Amazing Story from Slave to Saint / 5 mins.

Ireland the Beautiful / 8 mins.


St. Patrick's Breastplate , by Donna Cori Gibson / 2-2017

Deer Cry / 10-2016

Deers Cry , by Celtic Woman / 10-2016

St. Patrick's Breastplate Song / 10-2016 ( 7 mins) beautiful !

St. Patrick's Prayer (words) 
Note: If you wish to sing along go to my home page / use web version for mobiles/
click on : Oct 2016 month / scroll down to the 12th and click on (St. Patricks's Breastplate Video) then sing along with words above video !  

note: You will find the months underneath Blessed Mary's photo ; underneath the
page views number ! You can click on Oct. 2016 / St. Patricks Breastplate video first , then
scroll upward and you will find the St. Patricks Breastplate Prayer +++

In Christ Alone (Irish Hymn) / 8-2017

Celtic Woman Live in Slane Castle, Ireland / 1hr. 33 mins. 3-2018

Celtic Irish Music  / 46 mins. 3-2018

Scottish Music and Celtic Music / 1 hr. 3-2018

Epic Celtic Music Mix / 96 mins.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Sunday, March 4, 2018

My Favorites #2

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Pope Francis Consoles a boy who asked if his non-believing Father is in Heaven 5-9-18

(Topics on Sins and The Sacraments  and  Communion Songs videos )


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the links provided . I have placed them on the provided link
Embrace The Cross stories and prayers / 5-2-2017  These are
the links on embraceholycross.com for smaller devices that otherwise
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St. Patricks Breast Plate Prayer / 10-12-2016
St. Patricks Breast Plate Song / 10-12-2016
note: if you wish to sing along click go my home page / use web version
for mobiles /
click on :
(Oct, 2016 and scroll down to the 12th and click on (St. Patrick's
Breastplate video) then sing along with words above video !

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Thursday, March 1, 2018


Dear Ones, Today is the Anniversary of "Army of Prayer & Rosary " that began on
March 1, 1994. Together we will help build The Army of God through prayer .
May God Bless ALL whom are in UNITY in Christ at the CROSS . 
May we turn our nightlights On for God's Army ! 

***Army of Prayer & Rosary***
***I will Carry You***
***Message About Nightlights***